[WATCH] Late night meeting with Schembri was to discuss his resignation – Muscat

Joseph Muscat insists his late-night meeting at his Burmarrad home with Keith Schembri was to discuss the latter’s impending resignation

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
Late night meeting with Schembri was to discuss his resignation – Muscat

Keith Schembri’s late-night meeting with Joseph Muscat at his family home was held for the purpose of discussing the former chief of staff’s impending resignation, the Prime Minister has said.

Muscat, who was door-stepped by MaltaToday following his exchange of New Year’s greetings with the Archbishop, said that he had given Schembri some time to speak to him about his resignation.

Last month, just 24 hours before his resignation and subsequently being arrested by the police for questioning in connection with Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder, Schembri was at Muscat’s Burmarrad home for a night-time meeting.

“It was to speak about the fact that he was resigning,” Muscat said when asked why the meeting was held. “I had given him a few days to speak to me about this,” he said.

Muscat walked away before he could be pressed further on the matter.

Today it emerged in court during the compilation of evidence against Caruana Galizia suspected murder mastermind Yorgen Fenech, that Schembri is being investigated by the police for homicide and tampering with evidence.

The court heard how Schembri told police that he had lost his mobile phone when he was first arrested in November.

The police are still trying to locate the lost device. It is unclear if Schembri had the phone in question on him during the Burmarrad meeting with the Prime Minister.