Liquigas requests access to inquiry’s findings on gas cylinder explosion

Liquigas has carried out its investigation on gas cylinder explosion and has asked for access to findings of a magisterial inquiry on the incident, once this is concluded

The gas cylinder exploded earlier in January outside an Attard residence
The gas cylinder exploded earlier in January outside an Attard residence

Liquigas has requested access to the findings of a magisterial inquiry, on a gas cylinder explosion which happened earlier this month, once it is concluded.

In a statement on Friday, Liquigas said that, following an explosion outside an Attard residence involving one of its cylinders, the company had carried out an investigation on what could have possibly caused the incident.

Nobody was injured in the incident, which happened on 9 January.

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Liquigas said that it had collaborated in the magisterial inquiry which had been appointed to look into the incident, as well as with court appointed experts.

It said that it had today submitted a request to the inquiring magistrate requesting that the findings of the inquiry be sent to Liquigas once it is concluded.

Should the magistrate accede to the request, Liquigas would inform the public of the outcome of the inquiry, the company said.

Liquigas reminded the public that, as part of its long-established safety and quality control procedures, each individual Liquigas cylinder is inspected prior to being filled, and is then tested again before being distributed.

Moreover, each cylinder, which is individually numbered, is rigorously tested and re-certified periodically. The cylinder filling and cylinder testing activities follow strict international regulations and are superintended by the relevant authorities.

The company also urged consumers to follow the safety rules on the correct use of cylinders.

Liquigas offers a 24/7 helpline for its customers on 2165 1661/2/3/4/5.

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