Louis Galea proposes PN name change to ‘National People’s Party’

Former ministers say the name Nationalist Party was not well received abroad due to far-right connotations

Louis Galea
Louis Galea

National People's Party (Partit Nazzjonali tal-Poplu) could be the new title for the Nationalist Party according to a proposal being put forward by PN veteran and ex-minister Louis Galea.

This is not the first time that Galea has suggested a name change for the traditionally conservative party and sources told sister paper Illum that this proposal could very well be implemented before the next PN's General Council.

One of the sources speaking to Illum claimed that the proposed name could be used as a way to address the PN rather than its official name, similar to 'Labour Movement' (Moviment Laburista) referring to the Labour Party.

Another source said, however, that this proposal isn't proving popular within the party because many believe it's simply a cosmetic change that would not make much of a difference.

It's possible, sources claim, that the proposal would not even be approved by the PN Executive and therefore would not even make it before the General Council.

'The name Nationalist Party was chosen in a different historical context'

Ex-ministers speaking to Illum said that a name change, while controversial, could prove useful to the party, to show critics that it is possible for the party to renew itself. 

"The name Nationalist Party was chosen in a different historical context. While it's popular in Malta, the name isn't always received well abroad. There are some who look upon it skeptically and think that the party is a far-right one due to the name," a former minister said.

It is as yet unclear whether Galea is considering a change in the party's coat of arms, but with a name change, such a move could be expected.

Just after he became party leader, former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, had renewed the party and even included a name change from Malta Labour Party (MLP) to Partit Laburista (PL). The coat of arms was changed as well. 

Galea is also proposing another amendment, that the officials of the PN, including the Secretary General, would not also occupy the roles of MPs.


Current secretary general Clyde Puli had his term in that role ended last November and the next General Council in May will have to either reconfirm his role or pick a new secretary general. 

If Galea's proposal is accepted, Puli would not be able to be reconfirmed as secretary general.

The PN was supposed to convene the General Council last November but during an executive committee meeting, PN leader Adrian Delia tabled a motion to postpone the council.

At the time, MaltaToday had revealed that former PN MEP Francis Zammit Dimech was being pushed to take Puli's place.