World’s most wanted living Nazi arrested in Hungary

Hungarian police arrest world’s most wanted living Nazi after being tracked by a Nazi-hunter and captured on camera by a journalist.

World’s most wanted living Nazi Laszlo Csatary
World’s most wanted living Nazi Laszlo Csatary

The world’s most wanted living Nazi, Laszlo Csatary, was arrested by Hungarian police and charged with war crimes in relation to the deportation of 15,700 Jews to Auschwitz during World War II.

Csatary, 95, was indicted for the part played when he was police chief of Kosice in sending thousands of Jews to Nazi death camps.

He was tracked down by a Nazi-hunter from the Simon Wiesenthal centre, Efraim Zuroff, to a suburb of Budapest in 2011.

Zuroff said he was overjoyed by the news claiming it to be an important victory to him after a journalist from The Sun was sent to capture and publish photos of the 95-year-old answering the door and making headlines worldwide.

A letter had been sent by the Nazi-hunter to senior Israeli Politicians prior to Hungarian President Janos Ader’s visit to Israel calling for the arrest of Csatary and believes it may have played a role in the actions taken.

Csatary had emigrated to Canada after the war but returned to his place of birth, Hungary, after his role in the war was discovered and his citizenship was revoked in 1995.

His trial is expected to be quick according to Zuroff because of Csatary’s age.

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