Syrian rebels lose faith in US for ‘little more than words’

Syrian rebels and opposition figures begin to lose faith in the United States as little more than words of encouragement are offered during times of turmoil.

Rebels feel betrayed by the US with little more than words as conflict continues throughout Syria
Rebels feel betrayed by the US with little more than words as conflict continues throughout Syria

The Syrian opposition is beginning to view the US with a sense of suspicion and bitterness for failing to offer more than verbal encouragement.

The US was once seen as a natural friend in the struggle against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime but Syria has found itself in turmoil with ‘little more than words’ for comfort.

After nearly 17 months of conflict in Syria, Middle Eastern countries like Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have all experienced a change to democratic transition while change in Syria appears distant.

Calls for a no-fly zone similar to that conducted in Libya have repeatedly been made by rebels who have said direct military intervention is not required.

A spokesman for one of the Free Syrian Army battalions in the town of al-Bab, which lies 30 miles northeast of Aleppo, Yasser Abu Ali said that Syrians will never forget the unanswered pleas for help once the regime falls.

Yasser Abu Ali said the US will have lost its friendship and trust by the Syrians.

However, analysts said it was unclear whether the US could assist in a more useful way or not and Obama administration has been said to be overly prudent to step up support for rebels now that there has been a failure to endorse a diplomatic solution through the United Nations.

Financial help has been received by Syrian opposition figures to purchase weaponry from US Allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

This assistance has been considered minimal and intermittent as demands of the increasing violence overshadow the actual provisions.

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George Muscat
It seems that the Syrians have nothing to offer the the United States and the Europeans. If Syria had anything to offer I am sure that both Europe, the US and their allies could have come up with an answer. Its also a shame on the so called United Nations. Stop killing human beings whereever and whoever they are!

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