Updated | Signs of stabbing, beating among refugees rescued

At least 750 persons rescued off Libya in four rescue operations

Photo: MOAS
Photo: MOAS

Signs of stabbing and beating were found on a number of refugees rescued by the Migrant Offshore Aid Station and Seawatch on Saturday morning, MOAS said on Twitter.

The two private operations were taking part in rescue operations in the Mediterranean. The refugees were being taken care of by Médecins Sans Frontières. In three back-to-back rescue operations, MOAS saved 301 persons.

At least 750 persons were rescued this morning from three small boats in international waters near the Libyan coast by ships operated by Doctors Without Borders, a spokesman told AFP.

Over 750 people have been rescued since 5:00 am," Yazan al-Saadi, MSF's regional communications officer said in Beirut.

He said a fourth rescue operation was currently underway, AFP reports.

The Italian coast guard yesterday said that some 1,013 persons were rescued at sea over eight hours.

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