Israeli forces raid home of Palestinian family in an attempt to arrest attacker

His brother was arrested instead

Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

Israeli security forces have raided the home of a Palestinian aggressor, the military said in a statement to Reuters.
The assailant allegedly stabbed three Israelis to death and restricted movement for Palestinians travelling from the West Bank.

An Israeli military spokeswoman admitted to confiscating money allegedly “used for terror purposes”. The brother of the attacker was also apprehended.

“Movement out of the village will be limited to humanitarian cases only”, said the spokeswoman.

Six people died on Friday, in what many are calling the bloodiest spat of Israeli-Palestinian violence for years.

Palestinians called for a “day of rage” after Israeli’s installed metal detectors at entry points to the al-Aqsa, or the Temple Mount.

The metal detectors were installed after the murder of two Israeli policemen on July 2014.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for a suspension of all official contact with Israel until it removed the metal detectors at the site.

The attacker, 20-year-old Omar Alabed, was shot after stabbing three Israelis.

I am going there and I know I am not going to come back here, I will go to heaven. How sweet death is for the sake of God, his prophet and for Al-Aqsa mosque," wrote Alabed on Facebook, prior to the attack.

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