Thousands of Palestinians gather in protest at Gaza-Israel border

Palestinians in Gaza march to Israeli border at start of protest planned to last six weeks

(Source: Mohammed Salem/Reuters)
(Source: Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

Tens of thousands of Palestinians living in Gaza have marched to the Israeli border, marking the start of a six-week-long protest demanding the right of return for refugees to their homeland.

Around 17,000 Palestinians have amassed in five location along the border fence, according to reports from the Israel Defense Forces.

Rioting in six places was reported by Israel’s military, which said it was “firing towards main instigators”.

Palestinian health officials said two protesters, name as Mohammed Najjar, 25, and Omar Samour,  a 27-year-old farmer, had been killed, although Palestinian media reported two more death which are up to now unconfirmed by officials.

Hamas, the militant group which has de facto governed the Gaza Strip since taking it over in 2007, has accused Israel of killing the farmer in an attempt to intimidate Palestinians and persuade them not to attend the protests.

The Israeli military are fearing the protest might be an attempt to breach the border en masse.

An IDF tweet spoke of Palestinians rolling burning tires and hurling stones at the security fence, with IDF troops responding to the riot with dispersal tactics and firing to the instigators.


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