Search operation ends in Genoa as death toll rises to 43

Responders to the tragic collapse of the bridge in Genoa, Italy have accounted for the last of the persons reported missing, bringing the death toll up to 43

The search for missing persons has ended in Genoa, where part of a motorway bridge collapsed last Tuesday.

Around 200m of Morandi bridge, which had been built in the 1960s, collapsed. Over 400 people were evacuated, and fears remained that the rest of the bridge could collapse.

Six days later, The Italian Civil Protection have concluded their search operation for those missing after the last three bodies were found during the night, raising the official death toll to 43.

The bodies were recovered from a car crushed under slabs of concrete. Nine people are still in hospital, four of whom remain in critical condition, according to the Genoa prefecture.

While all those listed as missing are now accounted for, fire brigade official Stefano Zanut stated that work would continue to ensure that noone was left under the rubble.

Workers have also been securing the site and assisting in investigations to determine the cause of the disaster.

Genoa holds state funeral

Italian President Sergio Mattarella presided over a state funeral for 18 of the victims on Saturday. The President, along with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte lead mourners at the ceremony at a hall in the city.

Mourners attend the ceremony for 18 of the victims
Mourners attend the ceremony for 18 of the victims

Mourners gave a standing ovation as a number of first responders, in uniform, arrived for the service. A number of them halted to kiss the coffins as they passed. The congregation also applauded as the names of the dead were read out.

At present, 43 people are confirmed to have died in the disaster.

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco has called the disaster "a deep wound" for the city.

Some families are reportedly stayed away from the funeral ceremony due to anger at the government.

The collapse continues to spark fierce debate in the country regarding national infrastructure.

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