Sky Club boxing – Dione Galea wins again

1,000-strong crowd flocks to Sky Club to see Dione Galea beat EBF's third ranked Jordan Black.

Dione Galea (left) and Jordan Black.
Dione Galea (left) and Jordan Black.

Another entertaining fight hosted at Sky Club Paceville on 27 January saw Maltese boxer Dione Galea and English boxer Jordan Black battling it out.

Galea, 35, won the fight with points against Jordan Black, 29, who is ranked third in the European Boxing Federation rankings.

It was a four-round fight and it was an intense fight to the end. Both fighters exchanged powerful punches where Black was hit hard in the head and fell against the ropes, and again in the second round Galea hit Black with two hard punches in the stomach, with Black falling to his knees and saved by the bell after the referee counted to eight.

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