Steve Martin easily defeats Vrskic

Malta's Prize Boxing Promotions coordinated by Mr Demis Tonna & Mr Doulton Tonna along with the Briton's Independent Boxing Association, promoted their 3 show of 2013 at the Dolmen's Oracle Arena on Friday 30th August.

Super Steve Martin (R) vs Jasmin vrskin photo by John Borg
Super Steve Martin (R) vs Jasmin vrskin photo by John Borg

The British Independent Boxing Association provided Kent's finest fighters to compete against Malta?s squad, and must be thanked for the professionalism and support shown by all team members making them a great pleasure to work with. 

The Officials were provided by Malta's Boxing Commission under the supervision of Mr. Leif Magnusson while Darren Mairs of the Independent Boxing Association was appointed as Assistant Supervisor. The Head Judge was Mr. Charlie Cardona assisted by Mr's Stephen Farrugia, Amabile Camilleri & Kristian Mintoff. Timekeeper Mr. Martin Fenech while the official recorder was newly qualified official Ms Claire Shephard, being the first female official of Malta.

Prize Boxing Promotions would like to give their special thanks to all sponsors in particular 'Eat Me I'm Famous of Sliema and all athletes that took part. Demis Tonna's organisation should be congratulated for putting together such an excellent night of boxing, as should the relatively young Malta Boxing Commission, who were sanctioning and providing their newly qualified officials, for their professionalism, but the real kudos has to go to the WBU Light Welterweight International Champion Steve Martin for his magnificent victory.

Fight Card Highlights

Fight Number 1.
Noel Le Brun (Red) V Martin Mifsud (Blue)

The first fight was between two local fighters Noel Le Brun boxing out of the red corner Vs Martin Mifsud boxing out of the blue corner. Referee Marc James of Malta?s Boxing Commission waved the fight off at 1minute 33seconds as Le Brun was in no position to continue at the 4th round.

Score Cards;
Judge A. 10/10, 10/10, 9/10 ? Blue
Judge B. 10/10, 10/10, 9/10 ? Blue
Judge C. 10/9, 10/9, 10/9 ? Red

Fight Number 2.
Garth 'The Problem' Galea (Red) won against Karlos Yates (Blue) on a unanimous points decision.

"I train to destroy anybody in the ring with me. I am steadily moving up the ladder and winning IBA best fighters. You can always look back at fights and find things you can do better: throw more punches, especially jabs, apply added pressure, and move my head more. The key is learning more and knowledge is power"  said Galea

Now showing glimpses of the potential that has been spoken about vehemently by those within Malta?s knowledgeable boxing circle, Galea firmly believes that 2013 will be the year where he can capitalise on his performances and compete for further honours before the year?s end. His next outing scheduled for November at the Dolmen Hotel

Score Cards;
Judge A. 10/9, 10/9, 10/9, 10/9 ? Red
Judge B. 10/9, 10/9, 9/10, 10/9 ? Red
Judge C. 10/9, 10/9, 10/10, 10/9 ? Red

Fight Number 3.
Shaun 'il-Pasu' Attard (Red) won over Grant Payne (Blue) by an over whelming power.

Attard will make part of the Maltese Team traveling to the UK next month.

Score Cards;
Judge A. 10/8 ? Red
Judge B. 10/8 ? Red
Judge C. 10/8 ? Red

Fight Number 4.
Christian Schembri V Clayton Mallia

Another local fight saw Schembri go to the score cards to nick a points decision.

Score Cards;
Judge A. 10/10, 10/9, 10/10, 10/10 ? Red
Judge B. 10/9, 10/9, 10/9, 9/10 ? Red
Judge C. 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10 ? Draw

Fight Number 5.
Richard 'The Viper' Vella V Matt Butler

Early endings and dominant displays are a recurring feature of the Vipers initial boxing education but it was away from the bright lights and boisterous noise of his supporters learning the most vital lessons of all, as he participated in several spars with WBU International Light Welterweight Champion Super Steve Martin, who will defend his title at London?s York Hall next month.

"The experience you get from sparring with someone as brilliant as Steve is priceless and I believe that has given me a lot of confidence when approaching fights in my career" said the Viper.

Despite the injury suffered by Butler, praise for his display and efforts have been widely applauded by those within the fight game?s community. "We are confident that a rematch will be possible" "We have been in constant communication with the IBA since the beginning" said Tonna

Vella is one of boxing?s most exciting up and coming fighters within the Maltese Islands with only one debatable points loss to Clayton Vella. This year, the Viper has had one big KO win against the UK IBA fighter Ashley Friend.

Score Cards;
Judge A. 10/10, 10/10 ? Draw
Judge B. 9/10, 10/9 ? Draw
Judge C. 10/10, 10/9 ? Red

Fight Number 6.
Chris Debono V Gharbi Kader

Local fighter Debono has proven that he can go through a hard fight and has shown that he can take a punch as well. He faced French Fighter Gharbi Kader as he represented IBA Malta.

The Independent Boxing Association have invited Debono to fight an 8 round fight for the IBA European title at London's Circus Tavern on the 20th of September.

Debono's Promoter Demis Tonna stated "I believe he has earned this. He has proven that he can blast people" "The stage just keeps getting better and better for Chris, boxing for the title in  the UK on a bill with all the IBA boys is going to be great, I can't wait." Demis continued.

Score Cards;
Judge A. 10/10, 10/9, 10/9, 10/9 ? Red
Judge B. 9/10, 10/9, 10/9, 10/9 ? Red
Judge C. 10/10, 10/9, 10/9, 10/9 ? Red

Fight Number 7.
Promoter Demis 'TNT' Tonna V Ashley Friend

On Friday 30th August, ?TNT? Tonna aimed to break  a record to become Malta?s 1st  Promoter to fight and coordinate on his own Event.

Entering first was the British fighter Ashley Friend who received a gauntlet of jeers but the decibel reading went right off the scale as local promoter ?TNT? Tonna entered the arena.

The action was breath-taking from the sound of the first bell, and both boxers had periods where they were in control, only to see the other man come right back and connect with his own punches.

In round number 2, the Referee, Marc James was overruled by the supervisor Mr. Leif Magnusson, and awarded ?TNT? Tonna a knock down in what the referee thought was an irregular blow followed by a slip.

In round number 3, 'TNT' Tonna was knocked down but stood up for the standing eight count at count number 3, and managed to continue overcoming the stubborn challenge of Friend who was a visiting fighter on Prize Boxing Promotions for the Second time. As the two warriors were trading blows, the 'TNT' Tonna landed with a powerful left hook followed by a huge right hand to the face of Friend, who dramatically crashed to the canvas. Proving his tremendous heart, Friend staggered to his feet but was counted out by the referee and declared unable to continue as the referee waved off the unforgettable classic ?rocky? fight.

Score Cards;
Judge A. 9/10 , 10/8 ? Red
Judge B. 10/10, 10/8 ? Red
Judge C. 10/9, 10/8 ? Red

Fight Number 8.
Mike 'the Hurricane?'Carter lost to Tony Barret on a unanimous points decision.

Carter and Barret was a heavyweight clash which Local fighter Carter lose on points.

'I think Carter didn´t have a lot of time to prepare for that fight' said the promoter Mr. DemisTonna

Carter makes the 3rd and final team member of Maltese Fighters to travel to the UK next month.

Score Cards;
Judge A. 10/10, 10/10, 9/10, 9/10 ? Blue
Judge B. 9/10, 9/10, 9/10, 9/10 ? Blue
Judge C. 9/10, 9/10, 9/10, 9/10 ? Blue

The Professional Fight.
'Super' Steve Martin V Jasmin Vrskic

Martin started hard and fast, reminiscent of his promoter Demis Tonna approach in the earlier bout, the twenty six year old oozed confidence as he picked off his far more experienced opponent with solid jabs and heavy rights.

By the end of the first round Vrskic, who had struggled to make the weight the day before, was looking drained, what could you expect really, young Martin had kept the pressure up for every single second of the first, so it came as no surprise that Martin yet again steams through his 3rd opponent under his new management, improving his professional record to 6 wins (5KO) 4 loses and 1 draw.

The end came only forty-two seconds into the second, as Martin cut off the ring beautifully and finished the job with one more devastating body-shot. International Referee John Cauchi waved off the fight, and the enthusiastic crowd celebrated another impressive victory for their hero.

Coach Ado Buharalija who is recognised by the Malta Boxing Commission as a fighter agent stated "I was so surprised with the leap of technical skills and power shown by Steve at this fight. We came to win after he stopped my last fighter at Monte Kristo last July. It shows what a good coach he has in his corner" Super Steve Martin?s coach is Mr. Barry Smith of TRAD TKO Boxing Gym in London.

Score Cards;
Judge A. 10/9 ? Red
Judge B. 10/9 ? Red
Judge C. 10/9 ? Red

Mr Demis Tonna would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors, namely, Eat me I'm Famous, Continental Cars, B4 Group, Challenger Gym, Badass Burgers, Caccu's Social Club, SubWay, Stay Gold Ink, Fight Factory Home of Champions, Team Sport & Jalen Kickboxing Club. Mr. Tonna added that work will start on the next promotion that will take place in late November this year.

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