Floriana comeback from behind to register first win of the season

Floriana defeated Pieta Hotspurs 3-1 to register their first win of the season.

For Pieta, this was their third defeat of the season.

Pieta were the better team in the first half and they managed to take the lead on the 33rd minute. Gabriel da Silva served Rafael Xavier who then went on to beat goalkeeper Valerio Senatore with his low show to give Pieta the lead.

Floriana managed to get back on track just five minutes into the second half. Matteo Piciollo easily beat goalkeeper David Cassar with his shot after receiving a precise pass from Manuel Briffa.

Minutes later, Floriana almost took the lead when Felipe Moriera Cobo’s corner landed right in front of Steve Bonnici, but the latter’s shot went just wide.

Floriana finally managed to take the lead on the 59th minute. A shot by Amadou Samb from inside the area was partially saved by the goalkeeper and off the rebound, Matteo Piciollo scored from close range.

Floriana made sure they took home all three points on the 67th minute when they scored their third goal of the match. Off a corner by Clyde Borg, Amadou Samb’s precise header left no chance for goalkeeper David Cassar.

PIETÀ HOTSPURS David Cassar, Cain Attard, Cristian Grech, Leonardo Fortunato dos Santos (55’ Orosco Anonam), Jurgen Pisani, Rafael Rodrigues da Silva, Rafael Xavier Zacarias, Kyle Cesare (64’ Luke Micallef), Terence Agius, Claudio Frances, Joao Gabriel da Silva (80’ Dylan Agius).

Subs not used: Miguel Montford, Cleaven Cassar, Karl Micallef, Neil Pace Cocks.

Coach: Noel Coleiro

FLORIANA Valerio Senatore, Andre Scicluna, Douglas Felipe Moriera Cobo, Emerson Marcellina (46’ Matteo Piciollo), Clyde Borg, Vito Plut, Joseph Borg (46’ Emanuel Briffa), Amadou Samb (70’ Steve Pisani}, Brooke Farrugia, Sacha Borg, Steve Bonnici.

Subs not used: Andrew Zammit, Luke Micallef, Neil Spiteri, Giovanni Galea

Referee: Fyodor Zammit

Ass referees: Mitchell Scerri,Sammy Attard

Fourth Official: Sandro Spiteri

Yellow Cards: Bonnici, Amadou, Farrugia, Frances.

Scorers: 33′ Rafael Xavier Zaccarias, 50′ Matteo Piciollo, 59′ Matteo Piciollo, 67′ Amadou Samb

BOV Player of the Match: Matteo Piciollo

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