Keith Camilleri back in action at Autodromo Vallelunga

Malta Formula Racing’s Formula 4 racing driver Keith Camilleri has just confirmed that he will be competing in the 5th round of the FIA Formula 4 Italian championship to be held over the coming weekend at Autodromo Vallelunga.

Keith Camilleri
Keith Camilleri

After having to skip the round at Magione, Camilleri said that rather than dwell on the missed opportunity he invested the time to work harder than before to better prepare himself for the coming races.

“After taking the hard decision to skip Magione, I decided to spend more time than ever before training to make sure that I’m in even better physical condition than I ever was to tackle the Vallelunga circuit”.

Vallelunga is a challenging circuit that comprises a mix of slow, medium and high speed corners. “I feel that the layout of Vallelunga suits my style very well. I am really looking forward to get some more positive results for me and my team”, said Keith.

The Vallelunga venue is not new to Camilleri, having obtained the 6th fastest time back in official FIA testing in July, being well within 1 second away from the lead driver. His team, Malta Formula Racing, also did exceptionally well in the test too suggesting that they have been able to find a setup that can extract the maximum potential from the Tatuus TF104 chassis.

Malta Formula Racing, led by Danilo Rossi, Marco Ubaldi and Roberto Venieri, will see Keith joining American Zackary Dante, who keeps improving throughout his first season in open wheel racing. Joining them, under the F&M name, will be Italy's Mattia Drudi who currently lies 5th in the championship, Giovanni Altoe - also from Italy - and Mahaveer Raghunathan from India.

Off the track, Keith and his team are hoping he’ll manage to secure enough funding to be able to secure his future in the championship. “We know very well we wouldn’t be here without the help of my sponsors, mainly Britannia Tours, Twistees,, Chevron Auto Dealer, and TVM2. We are determined to continue well into the future but this all depends on how much funding we are able to find.”

Highlights and footage from the weekend’s 3 races may be viewed on TVM2 next Sunday 14th September at 6pm.

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