Eleven-year-old is deadly black belt in kickboxing

Courtney Vella is only 11 years old and has already obtained a black belt in kickboxing, making him the youngest student ever to achieve this level in the sport.

Courtney Vella with teacher Noel Mercieca
Courtney Vella with teacher Noel Mercieca

When he was just six, Courtney Vella began training at Ying Yang Team Noel Kickboxing Club. Since then and under the leadership of Master Noel Mercieca, he improved his ability in the practice of this sport.

Even though he is just 11, it is not the first time he took part in competitions, both at national and international level. Vella had his first experience on the ring in 2010 in Scotland with a team representing Malta. The event was a competition for the world title between athletes from all over the world.

Despute not winning, he showed great courage when facing an athlete who had much more experience in the ring. Since starting training with 'Team Noel' Vella has participated in both kickboxing and boxing competitions.

To achieve the black belt, Vella was examined on how to teach discipline, stamina, kickboxing techniques and the use of such techniques in sparring. After an examination of four hours, where he showed discipline and ability in all the sections divisions, he conducted the most difficult part: a workout of 15 minutes on the focus mats which involves a lot of stamina.

Along with Vella, there were two other athletes from Team Noel that went for the black belt, having to make it in the same sections as Vella to achieve this level. Courtney is now part of the 15 black belts in Team Noel club and in the future will see him represent Malta in international competitions.

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Very well done to Courtney, and especially to Noel, whose sheer enthusiasm and commitment towards his students is nothing short of remarkable !