National indoor rowing championship to be held at University

Rowers registered with traditional regatta clubs and other athletes to participate in second national indoor rowing championship on Saturday

The indoor rowing championship will be held at University
The indoor rowing championship will be held at University

Malta Rowing Association (Ghaqda Regatta Nazzjonali u Qdif Iehor) is organising its Second National Indoor Rowing Championship tomorrow Saturday 26 November.

Participants include athletes affiliated with Lakes Fitness Studio, rowers registered with the traditional Regatta Clubs, the newly affiliated Siggiewi Rowing Club and University of Malta Rowing Club and other independent athletes. The ages of participants range from 12 to 60+. 

This initiative has encouraged a number of new athletes to take up this sport, including ones who are competing under the flag the newly established Siggiewi Rowing Club.

The Championship will be held at the University of Malta Students House  (Canteen Building) and will start at 9.45am. Further details, included scheduled start lists/times are on

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