The 2018 World Single Lift Championships

On the 1st- 3rd June, the Malta Drug-Free Powerlifting Association will be hosting the World Single Lift Championships within the World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation

This competition is spread on three days, focusing on the three lifts separately. The squat on Friday, the bench press on Saturday and the deadlift on Sunday. Powerlifting consists of these three lifts where athletes have 3 attempts in each lift to lift as many weight as they can. In this particular competition, athletes are free to choose in which particular lift they would like to compete in.

Around 300 athletes from around the world will be present for this competition; from the United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Maldova, amongst others. These Championships will be held in Beach Garden Hotel in St. Julian’s, right opposite St. George’s Bay.

14 athletes from Malta have qualified to compete in these Championships. The ages vary from 17 years to 69 years. Powerlifting is a sport open to all age and weight categories. A number of national records are broken in such Championships, however most lifters focus on breaking world records.

Malta has more than 5 world records within this Federation and a lot of its lifters are working hard to better themselves and get stronger. The Maltese strength is very evident in powerlifting. A contingent of 5 athlets have recently competed in England a few weeks ago and an even bigger contingent is confirmed to compete in Scotland in November for the Full Power World Championships.

The MDFPA has seen a great number of fresh new members this year. The MDFPA is the only powerlifting Association in Malta and it falls under the World Anti-Doping Agency. Athletes in this assocation are tested for doping in and out of competition, and this means that their show of strength is natural, without any doping use. The MDFPA Committee is taking every measure to make sure that powerlifting will remain a clean sport by lifting fair. Athletes are banned for life if caught doping.

 Two weeks after this Championships, the MDFPA will be hosting the Medigames, an international competition which is open to all health medicals and professionals. The National Championships are also confirmed in this coming September. Anyone who is interested in taking up this sport is encouraged to send an email on [email protected] or  find us on facebook on Malta Powerlifting MDFPA.

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