Hard fighting Valletta defeated by Stompers

Stompers pulled away in the last quarter of this match after Valletta had shocked them by reaching 25 to 27 early in the second half.

By Mike Turner

Valletta Lions - 25
Stompers - 51

The turning point was when the solid and athletic Valletta lock, Jean-Paul Formosa was injured and was replaced by the brave but lightweight Seychell, despite some bigger men being on the bench.

As a result, the Valletta pack had their strength and stamina slowly worn away, and as they tired, so the team made more and more silly mistakes under pressure, giving away territory and points by penalties. To give Stompers their due, they realized the advantage and concentrated on wearing Valletta down with forward drives.

As these drives sucked in the defence, ball was released to Stompers backs who began to show their class, led by the superb side stepping and bursts of Attard.

Valletta front row were always solid, but the lighter Stompers trio, led by Pace-Moore held up well. Bradley was always prominent for Stompers, and is becoming a good all round player in most pack positions.

For Lions, the newcomer MacLean showed huge promise, scoring a sweet try in only his second match ever, and when he is more familiar he will be a very good player. Pavanello was always a threat from full back with his great speed, and he only just failed with a drop kick on the run from some 40 metres.

As they tired Valletta became mesmerized by side steps and the tackling became less and less effective. Stompers players were faster about the field but were playing to the absolute limits of their stamina in their determination to win.

However, at the end of the day, it is clear that Valletta are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with and will soon be competing for top honours.

The strange decision of coach Davies to persist with a lightweight lock may well have affected this result. 



Valletta - 29
Alligators - 5

Overseas - 0                     
Falcons - 28

Valletta -  0                     
Kavallieri - 24

Alligators - 10
Overseas - 17

Falcons - 10
Kavallieri - 0

 Men’s Cisk League:

Valletta - 25
Stompers - 51

Overseas - 67
Alligators - 0

 Malta 10’s Challenge:

Falcons -  0
Kavallieri - 36

Overseas - 0
Alligators - 24 


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