Physical fitness and social development through tennis

Malta's leading tennis academy, TennisLine, offers classes for both kids and adults

Tennis may not be the most popular sport on the island but it has experienced a constant increase in interest and we may soon be watching our own tennis stars gracing the world circuit. Tennis offers the opportunity for both physical fitness and appreciation for a competitive and exciting sport.

Tennis lessons at TennisLine academy are designed for both adults and kids. Operating 12 months of the year, adult classes are available at the academy to suit any schedule. New members are offered a physical fitness analysis and a test of their sport skills, allowing lessons to be customized according to their needs. All programs are high intensity programs that not only improve game skills but also enhance physical performance.

Many people are of the opinion that tennis in Malta is expensive and to an extent they may be right. Tennis lessons are expensive when compared to, say, football. TennisLine ensure that students have access to all the required equipment – members can join and start playing without having to commit to buying their own gear.

For children under the age of 10, the tennis academy offers lessons adapted to three different age groups. Because the children are taught in groups no larger than four players, lessons are personalized and offer members the chance to interact with fellow players, building an appreciation for teamwork. Instructors keep young learners active throughout their sessions, without having to wait for their turn to play.

Qualified international coaches run the summer training programs. The present head coach is from Czech Republic and her tennis coaching is unrivalled among all the coaches that operate in Malta. Lessons are in line with the latest coaching techniques, formulated by International Tennis Federation (ITF).

More and more people are now getting interested in getting actives and tennis in particular, which is where TennsLine comes in. As the top tennis academy in Malta, it has already helped some players compete internationally. 

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