Women's water polo national team attend training camp in Sicily

The women’s water polo national team, coached by Anthony Farrugia, have just returned from a training camp in Ortigia, Sicily.   

The women's national water polo team
The women's national water polo team

During this camp the team had joint training sessions with the home team as well as friendly matches.  They also travelled to Catania where they played against L’Orizzonte who are the U/18 champions of Italy.

The team was composed of the following players: Abby Bonello (EXI), Michela Bonello Ghio (NEP), Elena Borg (EXI), Louise Cachia (SLM), Karla Camilleri (EXI), Sophie Camilleri (NEP), Ana Culic (SLM), Carla Engerer (SLM), Lisa Fenech (SLM), Sasha Lecuyer (EXI), Denise Micallef (SGN), Letizia Millo (SGN), Kendra Navarro (NEP), Michela Zammit (EXI) and Francesca Paolella (SLM).

This training camp served to give the girls international exposure and gauge their strengths and weaknesses against stronger opposition.

Between the 1st and 3rd April 2016, the Junior Women National team will be participating in the EU Nations Water Polo Cup which is being held in Odense, Denmark.  The final selection for this competition will be made by Anthony Farrugia, together with Head Coach Karl Izzo, closer to the competition.

Following the success of the men’s Junior and Senior National Teams, the ASA, together with the National Coaches, felt it was the right time to form the women’s water polo national team with the aim to attract more females to the sport and to work towards obtaining positive international results thus emulating their male counterparts.   The squad will continue their preparation for the EU Nations competition with intensive training both in and out of the pool.  They are also participating (out of competition) in the U/15 and U/17 Winter water polo competitions.