Gaming chairman appointed Air Malta chief financial officer
Philip Saunders appointed Chief Commercial Officer at Air Malta
Pilots ‘expect news’ on negotiations with MIA as Air Malta workers march on Castille
Air Malta management 'concerned' over promises and political interference
Air Malta pilots hit out at PBS, ‘threat of action was never about our salaries’
REVEALED | Government and Air Malta agree on need for 'capping' MIA charges
Air Malta’s CEO not in Malta three days of the week
Air Malta pilots call off strike after talks, Mario de Marco relieved at 'great news'
Hoteliers warn pilots, ‘we will sue you if Air Malta strike goes ahead’
BOV gave ‘temporary facility’ to Air Malta prior to €52 million emergency aid
UHM calls for meeting with ALPA, Employers' urge stakeholders to avoid strikes
Pilots meet PM, Tonio Fenech tomorrow
Matthew Vella
Air Malta engineers undecided over Friday demonstration
Pilots obtain anti-strike breaking measures from international body
Air Malta’s CEO warns of ‘damaged brand’ if pilots strike
Why Air Malta’s fate falls in line with Sea Malta's
[VIDEO] ‘If government takes Air Malta into liquidation, it will break the economy’
Pilots to decide Wednesday on strikes, MIA reacts
GWU to support protest but not strike action
Tourism operators join appeal against pilots’ strike
New Air Malta pilots on definite contract will not be renewed
New Stansted route in the offing while Air Malta mulling less routes - Gulia
Industry, hoteliers in appeal against Air Malta pilots’ strike threat
Pilots vote for Air Malta grounding as government warns on risk of bankruptcy
Air Malta to meet unions over redundancy schemes
Air Malta mum on Selmun redundancies that precede tendering process
‘I’m a fool in matters of airlines’ – Tonio Fenech
Airline pilots to challenge MIA’s monopoly
Cost-cutting requires ‘simultaneous revenue generation’, former Air Malta CEO
Labour, AD fire broadsides at government over Air Malta
Government knew Air Malta was declining, and it did nothing - Albert Mizzi
GWU leads Selmun workers to Castille
Nestor Laiviera
Air Malta pilots to ground flights unless MIA zeroes charges
[VIDEO] Air Malta employees offered voluntary retirement in August
Air Malta workers should be guaranteed alternative employment - UHM
GWU - Selmun workers to be laid-off before industrial talks
Risk of hotel closures in winter due to seat cutbacks and increased costs - MHRA
Air Malta layoffs to have 'least social impact possible', ministry on GWU ultimatum
GWU slams ‘scare-campaign’ targeting Air Malta workers
Air Malta disputes union claims of €50 million price tag on Selmun hotel