‘Shambles’ of a system: over 6,500 hunters claim they caught just 128 quail
BirdLife upbeat about impending EU Court decision to ban bird trapping
Majjistral hunting times are illegal, managers tell ministry and ERA
Ministers refused Majjistral compromise and steamrolled extended hunting hours
NGOs lambast new Majjistral Park hunting and trapping times
European hunters stand ground on Maltese trapping after EU Court edges closer to ban
Ex-hunter acquitted of bribing ALE police officers
[ANALYSIS] When cornered… how did they react?
Hunting: CABS film another buzzard gunned down, 50 illegal bird callers found
After illegal hunting, FKNK offers reward for information
Updated | Swimmer says hunters shot down at him to kill Honey Buzzard
European Commission tells Maltese hunters out-of-court settlement on finch trapping not possible
CABS dismantles 10 illegal bird callers with police
Update 2 | Europe ‘asking questions’ about Malta’s spring hunting season
Hunters: ‘Overwhelming support for trophy hunting in the European Parliament’
PM must close hunting season – BirdLife
Matthew Vella
Hunter charged with shooting protected birds
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Spring hunting opens with reduced quota, BirdLife insists scientific advice ignored
Hunters welcome Ornis committee’s recommendation to open spring hunt
New digital system to replace live-capturing hunting license

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