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The tribunal justified regularising the boathouse by arguing that the Dwejra Action Plan approved in November 2005 envisioned the regularisation

Environment and Resources Authority ignored on Kalanka development

The Environment and Resources Authority had denounced that garigue in the area of illegally developed structures had already been covered by soil, before they were approved to be converted into an agricultural store

Two shops permitted as long as not interconnected

Approved permit drawings showed a convenience shop – the applicant was thus precluded from using the premises as an ironmongery

Din l-Art Helwa cries foul over ‘illegal works’ on Valletta Covered Market

The eNGO said it is very concerned by the piecemeal manner in which planning permission for the intervention was sought

Three ways new planning polices made Malta’s countryside ripe for plunder

Nationalist MP Toni Bezzina’s application to build a country home outside development zones reopens the Pandora’s box of policies Labour devised to allow more rural construction. James Debono explains how

BirdLife: No scientific justification for spring hunting season

‘Political promises preferred to scientific facts,’ BirdLife insists

Spring hunting season for quail confirmed

Unlike previous years, this year's spring hunting season will only be open for quail

Proposed Tal-Bajjada planning parameters to set up clearer land use distinctions

The Planning Authority has published for public consultation a revised policy framework for the area of Tal-Bajjad in Qormi which are said to bring about a clearer distinction in land use

Illegal boathouses can be legalized through rural policy

Planning Authority regularise illegal boathouse in Bahar ic-Caghaq by invoking the rural policy guidelines in 2014, which effectively regularise any structure constructed before 1978.

Marsaskala stables and vet office set for approval

Eight stables, a paddock, a vet office and a storage office located in Marsaskala’s Munxar area are set for approval after gaining the favourable recommendation of the case officer

Malta generated 269,316 tonnes of municipal waste in 2015

In 2015, 92.8 per cent of municipal waste was treated by landfilling marking the highest increase since 2011 • Mixed recyclables marked just 5.5% of total municipal waste generation

[WATCH] Architectural firm proposes replacing towns’ state schools with public spaces

Maniera Group has proposed demolishing existing schools in town centres and relocating them outside development boundaries

When animals are not kept ‘for commercial purposes’

The Planning Authority was of the firm opinion that the present building was not creating any significant environmental impacts on the site and its surroundings

Din l-Art Ħelwa objected to Bezzina’s ‘deceptive’ application, minister says

Din l-Art Ħelwa’s objection to Toni Bezzina’s application had fallen on deaf ears until it was published in the media, minister Edward Zammit Lewis said

Siggiewi farm to be demolished as planning compensation for ODZ development permission

The Planning Board requested that the site of the farm was to be rehabilitated back to agricultural land, and imposed a planning gain to the value of €50,000 to be utilised for environment and urban improvement

PN leader reiterates vow to renegotiate energy contracts when in government

In a six-hour debate on a motion presented by the opposition, the House of Representatives discussed the Enemalta contracts signed with ElectroGas Malta and Shanghai Electric

ElectroGas fines in excess of €10 million

Enemalta sources confirm that the consortium which will be selling gas and power supply to Enemalta is facing delay fines in excess of €10 million

New planning parameters for Ħal Mula 'do away' with mixed-use zone approach

The Planning Authority's proposals for the Ħal Mula area aim to address the current poor quality environment resulting from conflicting development patterns

How Labour’s own planning policies paved way for Toni Bezzina’s ODZ dwelling

An application involving a Nationalist MP exposed by Labour weekly Kullhadd has thrown light on the dangers posed by loopholes in the rural policy guidelines approved in 2014