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The announcement came as the Chinese central bank told banks to strictly implement United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang 

The Muscats meet the Trumps

On the fringe of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Michelle Muscat met US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump

Hermann Schiavone willing to sacrifice seat to get Adrian Delia into parliament

The Nationalist MP and Delia backer denied rumours that he was being pressured into giving up his seat  

Motor vehicle insurance claims average €50 million annually

The Malta Insurance Association warns that a decision by Malta’s competition office might take safety talks a few steps backwards

[WATCH] Women’s rights activists lodge complaint with BA over 'sexist messages'

Members of the Women for Women Facebook group have filed an official complaint over the contents of a programme hosted by the Overcomers’ Chapel

Strong representation of women in parliament 'next step' for Malta's democracy

Adrian Delia’s comments on Labour’s initatives ‘ignore the reality that a lot of women have spoken out about,' the Labour party’s women branch argue

[WATCH] New PN leader takes a leaf out of Joseph Muscat’s book in first mass meeting address

Whether by coincidence or not, the introduction to Adrian Delia’s speech yesterday echoed Joseph Muscat in his first mass rally address upon being elected Labour leader in 2008

[WATCH] Shots of Roberta Metsola clearly bored at Delia's first speech

MEP Roberta Metsola suffered 50 minutes of the new Nationalist leader's speech at the Independence mass meeting, and ended up trolling him with her unenthused demeanour

Zest is the spirit – Innovation follows faithfully

The start of an international innovation conference, organised by the Malta Communications Authority begins this week - auguring well for the disruptive technology - 'another buzzword'

Delia looks on as Busuttil represents PN at Independence Day celebrations

Adrian Delia, newly-elected leader of the PN, took a back seat in the official Independence Day celebrations, leaving the constitutionally-recognised leader of the opposition Simon Busuttil to represent the party

Bali: fears of volcanic eruption after 5.7-magnitude tremor strikes

Authorities evacuate the area around Mount Agung, a well-known hiking destination for tourists, following a powerful tremor nearby

North Korea: Trump’s UN speech likened to ‘the sound of a dog barking’

During his UN speech, Trump vowed to 'totally destroy' Pyongyang, if the regime threatened the US and its allies

Archbishop calls for a ‘just wage’ during Independence Day homily

Archbishop Scicluna argued that authority figures must strive to promote the common good by distributing wealth fairly during his celebrations of Pontifical Mass on Indepence Day

Mexico quake: death toll climbs to at least 230 as volunteers join search for survivors

The death toll from a 7.1 magnitude earthquake has climbed to at least 230, with over 44 buildings collapsing in Mexico city, with thousands more damaged

Inked in history

Hosted by Heritage Malta, the project Rel-Ink, a historical discovery through the art of Maltese tattooing, will be held at the Maritime Museum on October 6

Mount Carmel patients living in 'chaotic and tense atmosphere'

People are sleeping on mattresses on the floor and no protocols exist, according to the former health minister

Electric future awaits Malta’s mega fuel stations

After Muscat’s announcement on a shift to electric cars MaltaToday asked Ian Borg whether he will revise the policy which foresees more petrol stations in the ODZ

Fireworks threat to Gozo’s legendary San Dimitri chapel

Warnings have arisen that a fireworks factory, proposed in Gharb poses a 'real threat to the integrity' of Gozo's historic chapel, San Dimitri

No permit for San Anton country road upgrade

Countryside path leading from Bidnija to the San Anton and San Andrea schools has been 'upgraded', however no reply was given when asked if the works were covered by a planning permit