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The Bloody Mary Prophecies | Chris de Souza Jensen
Art 04-04

When the Danish, Malta-based graffiti and mural artist Chris de Souza Jensen decided to set up his first solo ...
‘Whatever you do, do it with a passion’ | Rupert Cefai
Art 02-04

Painter and cartoonist Rupert Cefai (of ‘Bertoons’ fame) elaborates on the themes behind his ongoing exhib...
Malta Arts Festival returns in July
Art 27-03

Despite a change in government, it appears as though it’s business as usual for the Malta Arts Festival, whi...
Healing through performance | Rebecca Camilleri
Art 18-03

A newly-formed community-arts association teamed up with Sedqa to help recovering addicts.
Playing with the big boys | Raphael Vella
Art 02-03

Artist, curator and lecturer Raphael Vella speaks to us about being invited to exhibit his ‘Big Boys’ draw...
Securing a financial future for Malta’s artistic output | Toni Attard
Art 21-02

Creative Economy Advisor from the Creative Economy Working Group Toni Attard fills us in on the recently set u...
The kids are alright | James Micallef Grimaud
Art 21-02

He’s getting the kids to paint murals, but don’t expect him to work for free. Street artist James Micallef...
Queer happenings at St James | Emanuel Bonnici
Art 12-02

He made a pack of edible chocolate Baby Jesus statues, which were consumed by exhibition visitors, and he’s ...
Damn right, it’s better than yours…? | Milkshake Project
Art 05-02

A new exhibition of fresh artistic talent will seek to collapse some of our dearly-held notions about gender r...
Travelling paintings | Ljupco Samardziski
Art 29-01

As part of his drive to donate a painting to each of the countries holding the title of European Capital for C...
The truth is out there | Joe Zammit-Lucia
Art 29-01

Photographer Joe Zammit-Lucia fills us in on ‘Private Art – Exploring the relationship between art and pri...
Banif Calendar 2013 showcases vibrant student work
Art 03-01

Collage, acrylics, ink, impasto on wood... these are just a few materials that students set to work with to cr...
We need light! | Caesar Attard
Art 27-12

Veteran artist Caesar Attard speak to us about his a mixed media show ‘H-ardcore’, currently on display at...
Mixed media calendar brings Valletta’s streets to life
Art 08-12

Valletta will be the focus of a dynamic collaboration between a varied mix of young visual artists, who will b...
On the shadow trail… | Metamorpolis
Art 05-12

The team behind a unique shadow puppet performance speak to us about what we can expect from 'Metamorpolis', p...