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Taking the bull(ying) by the horns?
Blogs 13-08

What politicians and people entrusted to head public institutions do is in the public interest.
It’s Women’s Day! Needlework, anyone?
Blogs 08-03

We cannot address gender inequality without examining the culture, belief systems and often-outdated religious traditions that breed it and legitimatise it. Women’s Day is a reminder of that obligation. That’s why events such as those in aid of the President’s charity are so frustrating – they serve to sustain stereotypes that remain an obstacle to equality.
Seeing black and right
National 31-10

Despite the launch of an action plan against racism, the Equality Commission this year got €20,000 less funds from the government. CAROLINE MUSCAT on why Malta’s anti-racism efforts are just destined to fail.

PBS: New puppets, old strings?
Blogs 11-10

Public trust is the rating that should matter most to PBS as a public organisation that uses public funds.

The hunt for the ‘liberals’
Blogs 27-06

The rise of illiberalism within the PN has been too strong for their appeal to ‘liberals’ to be credible. If GonziPN wants to reestablish itself, it needs more than a rebranding exercise.

A step in the right direction
Blogs 30-05

Despite the odds, the majority have voted in favour of divorce being introduced in Malta. Now, it is up to Parliament to respect that choice. This was only a consultative referendum, and MPs have the last word. Whether they will heed the public call remains to be seen.

An open letter to Joyce Cassar and Anna Vella
Blogs 26-05

If you really want to help women, make your voice heard for real gender equality...

A matter of choice
Blogs 03-05

The desire for equality has been flattened beneath a barrage of discourse that suggests all women really want is a man and a family to care for.

The second sex
Blogs 11-03

The country needs a total overhaul of the way society sees women because inequality between men and women is structural.

Actions that define us
Blogs 25-01

As with other small nation states, Malta’s foreign policy has never really mattered much to anyone except the country’s inflated egos.

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