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Josanne Cassar's field is communications – and over the last 30 years she has worked in every single medium, from radio and television as a producer/scriptwriter and presenter to the equally interesting world of journalism and publishing. Until 2011 she was the deputy/features editor of The Malta Independent and the editor of I DO weddings magazine.
Xarabank: The paradox of the programme so many love to hate
Blogs 16-02

For a long time Xarabank was very watchable television. But it entered dubious territory by outdoing itself with its colourful guests. The more outrageous or bizarrre the viewpoints, the more people talked about it

The obligations of objective journalism
Blogs 13-02

We are living at a time when the Internet has potentially made anyone a publisher, which may give the illusion that the usual duties, obligations and ethical constraints which cover journalism don’t apply

What’s the matter with public opinion?
Blogs 09-02

This government is suffering from a serious case of lack of credibility, but you won’t see any large-scale manifestations of people waving their angry fists in front of Castille any time soon

And isn’t that just a crying shame for Malta?

Who really calls the shots in the sex industry?
Blogs 06-02

This is the point often missed by those who advocate for the right of women to sell their bodies for money. How much of a choice is it, really?

It’s not about the sex, it’s about compromising your own position
Blogs 02-02

If we say it’s OK for anyone holding public office to behave disgracefully in private as long as it’s during their time off, that type of slippery slope just opens the door to more abuse and unbecoming behaviour. At what point are you going to draw the line? 

Police? I’d like to report a camera and microphone
Blogs 30-01

What is surprising in all this is that I never expected this kind of over-reaction from someone who had previously always come across as quite calm and almost Zen-like

Trying to understand the Maltese Trump supporter
Blogs 26-01

I have tried to comprehend you dear Maltese Trump supporter. I have to throw in the towel. Am I blinded by my dislike of the man?

Is everyone so touchy about their country, or is it just us?
National 24-01

I got to thinking - and not for the first time - whether we have a particularly thin skin and are just way too touchy and defensive when Malta is criticised

A party, divided
Blogs 19-01

For Mario De Marco, a usually reserved man, to go into such personal details for the benefit of his party role means something is afoot within the party.

The EU: Not an à la carte menu
Blogs 16-01

"Even the concept of being a full member of the EU is alien to some. People talk about “the EU” as a separate entity, when in fact, we ARE the EU"

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