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Josanne Cassar's field is communications – and over the last 30 years she has worked in every single medium, from radio and television as a producer/scriptwriter and presenter to the equally interesting world of journalism and publishing. Until 2011 she was the deputy/features editor of The Malta Independent and the editor of I DO weddings magazine.
What a load of rubbish!
Blogs 21-09

It’s all very well to post photos of the rubbish we see on a daily basis, tut tut our disgust and use an ‘angry face’ emoticon to express our feelings

PN leadership race: if they knew then, what they know now
Blogs 18-09

"[The PN] desperately want to change their life in the mistaken belief that they will chase their troubles away," Josanne Cassar comments.

The questions everyone keeps asking about our judicial system
Blogs 14-09

The intricacies of the judicial system seem to operate in a parallel universe: there are still too many areas where the average citizen feels let down by the judicial system

Is training women for politics positive action or patronising?
Blogs 11-09

As we are seeing with the PN leadership contest, when you have failed to encourage new blood, you are paving the way for a gaping hole which no one can fill

Integration, political correctness and racism
Blogs 07-09

It is pretty hypocritical of us to speak so scathingly of ‘foreigners’ when it suits our purpose, when we are happy to have them do menial jobs that no Maltese wants to do or charge them exorbitant rates simply to rent a room

After all that fighting, now what?
Blogs 04-09

Only after it has rebuilt the shattered pieces of the party making it sturdy again, can the PN hope to be the truly effective Opposition that the country requires.

Let’s bring compassion back
Blogs 31-08

It is always easy to mock and ridicule a stranger - in fact it can be side-splittingly hilarious - until the day you wake up and it is suddenly happening to you.

But, come on, are you really that sick?
Blogs 28-08

The abuse of sick leave is a reality, it’s true, but it needs to be tackled head-on by dealing personally with the culprits

Cars do not just crash head-on for no reason
Blogs 24-08

People need to see conclusive police and traffic experts’ reports of the causes which lead vehicles to crash head on

Dirty politics in leadership races are nothing new
Blogs 21-08

What PL leadership contenders did not have to contend with in 2008 was the ease with which leaked information can be spread via social media and online commentary

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