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Josanne Cassar's field is communications – and over the last 30 years she has worked in every single medium, from radio and television as a producer/scriptwriter and presenter to the equally interesting world of journalism and publishing. Until 2011 she was the deputy/features editor of The Malta Independent and the editor of I DO weddings magazine.
Sexual assault within a marriage is no laughing matter
Blogs 08:09

For many who posted cruel comments online about a husband’s violent assault on his 68-year-old wife, it seems the dignity of the human being means very little

Women in politics? Force the change
Blogs 24-07

I think the time for complaining is over. Women, who excel so much at multi-tasking, should not sell themselves short, but need to come together and join forces

'Daddy, what is a tree?'
Blogs 20-07

If this culture change by those in charge doesn’t happen fast, we will one day wake up to a world where little children look up from their electronic devices, turn to their parents and ask in all seriousness, “Daddy (or Mummy), what is a tree?”

Who wants to become a teacher?
Blogs 17-07

I wonder how parents can have such a lack of empathy with teachers when they themselves often cannot cope with their own kids

Should Muscat be blamed for the rift inside the PN?
Blogs 13-07

Surely Muscat is capable of mapping out Machiavellian chess moves, but the signs of a serious rift within the PN have been visible for a long time: you’d know it just by talking to ordinary people

An island bursting at the seams
Blogs 10-07

Human beings need air and open spaces and the possibility of quiet relaxation in uninterrupted silence – none of that seems possible in the cacophony of noise of living at close quarters

You WILL agree with me, if it’s the last thing you do
Blogs 06-07

Having opposing views is natural because we are all unique individuals who look at life according to our own experiences and upbringing, but for the life of me I cannot understand why, after we have exhausted both points of view, we cannot just leave it at that

Wanted: Strong lobby for domestic violence victims
Blogs 03-07

If the Labour government wants to be a truly left-wing, socialist government which cares about those who are most vulnerable, it needs to search deep and rediscover its soul

Conservative voices should not be shut down
Blogs 29-06

The beauty of a democracy is that everyone’s beliefs can be represented by those whom they elect to speak for them, because otherwise we are at risk of having parties which are all at the same

Politicians: What not to do
Blogs 26-06

I really think we need to publish a guide for any aspiring politician who is keen on getting involved at local council level in the hope that one day this will lead to a seat in Parliament

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