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Josanne Cassar's field is communications – and over the last 30 years she has worked in every single medium, from radio and television as a producer/scriptwriter and presenter to the equally interesting world of journalism and publishing. Until 2011 she was the deputy/features editor of The Malta Independent and the editor of I DO weddings magazine.
Why teaching Islam in state schools is a bad idea
Blogs 23-03

The last thing we need is another religious faith to become part of the school curriculum: State schools should be secular

‘It’s his money, he can do what he likes with it’
Blogs 20-03

If many of us common mortals do it, the reasoning goes, surely a Prime Minister has the right to do so as well?

Fractured marriages don’t have to mean fractured children
Blogs 16-03

The very least estranged couples can do is stop thinking up 100 million ways of getting revenge on their spouse through their child, set aside their hatred and bitterness, and allow the child to have as happy a childhood as possible

Pride and prejudice
Blogs 13-03

The more Nationalists you have who sneer and look down their nose at Labour supporters, the more the latter will embrace their own lack of airs and graces

A timely message from Mother Nature
Blogs 09-03

As the Azure Window showed us, we are all going to perish, whether we are dirt poor or mega rich

Why are we still talking about the gender pay gap?
Blogs 06-03

Throughout almost every field and sector, the people at the top who have the power to decide pay cheques still tend to be predominantly male

Poverty with pretty nails
Blogs 02-03

Is it so bad for a woman who may have everything else wrong in her life, to at least feel some pride and dignity in the fact that she has pulled herself together with some extra grooming?

A split-second to cause an accident
Blogs 27-02

The situations which are particularly heart-stopping are where adults have fidgety children with them, or when parents push their pram out in front of them into traffic before even checking if it is safe

Cure required for politically-obsessed island
Blogs 23-02

Much like the paranoia about “reds under the bed”, if you have politics on the brain you are bound to see it everywhere you look – even in Malta’s Eurovision ceremony award

Less hysteria on press reform
Blogs 20-02

It is imperative that the grey areas are removed, definitions are made crystal clear and all lingering doubts eliminated

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