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Josanne Cassar's field is communications – and over the last 30 years she has worked in every single medium, from radio and television as a producer/scriptwriter and presenter to the equally interesting world of journalism and publishing. Until 2011 she was the deputy/features editor of The Malta Independent and the editor of I DO weddings magazine.
Pushing the envelope towards incitement
Blogs 23-11

Malta’s problem with hostility did not just appear magically now, but building up ever since it became ‘ballsy’ to trash people online. No wonder typing out one’s instinctive knee-jerk reaction has seemingly become justified

Keep partisan politics out of Sixth Form
Blogs 20-11

It's time to stop this charade of Pulse and SDM contesting elections like mini-me politicians as they take their first tentative steps into the big world of politics

With more freedom, comes greater responsibility
Blogs 16-11

It is up to us in the media to constantly prove we are not only upholding the right to free speech, but also upholding our duty to be ethical and accurate in everything we write

A capital tale
Blogs 13-11

'If we really want to be honest with ourselves then we also need to admit that the different layers and degrees of corruption which exist here are able to exist because so many help to nudge it along'

“Only the little people pay taxes”
Blogs 09-11

In this upside down world we are living in, the rich get away with not paying, while those at the bottom of the scale have to pay every red cent

Want to stop hate culture? Stop spreading it
Blogs 06-11

When are Facebook users going to learn that it is not some corner bar where you can 'crack a few dark, black humour and downright distasteful jokes' and get away with it?

So, what do we really, really want?
Blogs 02-11

What does anyone in Government have to gain by threatening musicians in such a way?  With all eyes scrutinising every step Muscat makes in how he is handling this tragic murder, he and his administration cannot afford to put a foot wrong

Freedom to offend? Tony tests the waters
Blogs 30-10

You see, that’s the thing with free speech; it’s a two way street even when the tune being played does not sit well with your own music score

This will never end
Blogs 26-10

A call for unity does not translate into standing behind the Government 'even when it fails us, and even when it is wrong'

Controversial in life, controversial in death
Blogs 23-10

Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder was the final blow to stop her from revealing what she was probably about to reveal – a heinous act which has chilled Malta to the bone

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