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Court reporter Matthew Agius is a Legal Procurator and Commissioner for Oaths. Prior to reading Law at the University of Malta, Matthew served in the British Army.
Jason Azzopardi denies meeting Zaren Vassallo over Lowenbrau deal
Court & Police 09-11

Former minister for Lands, Azzopardi, vehemently denies meeting PN benefactor Nazzareno Vassallo or interfering in the sale of the former Lowenbrau brewery

19 years jail, €35,000 fine for couple who imported 15 kilograms of cocaine
Court & Police 09-11

A Belgian couple has been jailed after pleading guilty to conspiracy to import cocaine, importing, distributing and possessing cocaine

Gozitan man receives suspended sentence for shooting son of father's former lover
Court & Police 09-11

The man was condemned to two years imprisonment, suspended for four years, and received a €465.87 fine

ARMS using 'illegal' billing process under EU and local law, court told
Court & Police 08-11

Two consumers have filed a legal challenge against ARMS method of calculating electricity consumption

Jailed for unlicensed firearm, cleared of using forged banknotes
Court & Police 08-11

The 38-year-old man has been handed a six month prison sentence for carrying an unlicensed firearm

Pregnant woman, partner, handed suspended sentences and EU travel ban for false passport
Court & Police 08-11

Marko Vucinic, 27, and Maja Zdravkovic, 27, both bleaded guilty to falsifying documents and tampering with their passports

Thieves jailed for stealing items worth over €5,000 from airport
Court & Police 08-11

Two Romanian nationals have been jailed for 13 months, after being detained by police as they attempted to board a flight

No bail for man who posted Facebook death threats to police officers
Court & Police 08-11

A syrian man, 43, was charged with misuse of electronic communications equipment and threatening inspector Roderick Agius

Freezing order against jeweller to stand, court rules
Court & Police 08-11

George Tabone had been acquitted of accepting stolen jewels but a court ruled his assets could not be unfrozen because the appeal filed by the Attorney General still had to be decided

Vatican woes its own fault, says Maltese company in multi-million euro lawsuit
Business News 08-11

Earlier this year, the Vatican Bank filed a multi-million euro case for damages, claiming a committee it set up was misled by directors of Malta-based Futura Funds

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