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Court reporter Matthew Agius is a Legal Procurator and Commissioner for Oaths. Prior to reading Law at the University of Malta, Matthew served in the British Army.
Woman driver charged with attacking police officer for honking at her
Court & Police 16:45

Lack of driver courtesy is understood to have led to an argument that landed a 28-year-old woman in court, accused of attacking a police offer

Drug-smuggling Libyan and Somali asylum seekers causing police headaches, court told
Court & Police 16:15

A large number of Libyan and Somali nationals, seeking asylum in Malta, are involved in the drugs trade, stated a police inspector

Court reluctantly acquits Leli l-Bully's brother of drug charges after statement ruled inadmissible
Court & Police 15:55

John Camilleri, brother of the infamous ‘Leli l-Bully’, acquitted of conspiracy to import cocaine and marijuana, due to insufficient evidence

Birdlife activist who accompanied BBC documentary crew to Mizieb cleared of trespassing
Court & Police 14:30

Birdlife activist Nimrod Mifsud, 32, was charged with trespassing on land in Mizieb back in 2014, which hunters claim is a reserve accorded solely to them

Trial of man accused of murder over tamarisk trimming in Marsalforn begins
Court & Police 25-09

A 67-year old pensioner is indicted for murder of a father, 45, and the attempted murder of his son, 24, after a heated argument on the trimming of a tamarisk tree that ended in bloodshed

Health visa fraud charges: civil servant’s BMW still registered in his name
Court & Police 25-09

Civil servant’s BMW vehicle is still registered in his name despite having told court it had been replaced after traffic accident

Government to launch recruitment drive for police, Civil Protection personnel
National 25-09

Home affairs minister Michael Farrugia said pledges to increase investment in human resources started being implemented

Traffic accident lands unlucky firearms collector in court
Court & Police 25-09

An unlucky chain of events resulted in a man being fined and charged with the incorrect storage of firearms

One night stand leads to rape claim, robbery
Court & Police 22-09

A woman, 22, allegedly falsely claimed to have been raped by a man after robbing him of €1500 in cash

Homeless man denies stealing from airport shop
Court & Police 22-09

A man, 45, from Georgia was arraigned in court today after being captured on security camera footage, stealing from an eyewear outlet at Malta International Airport

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