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Court reporter Matthew Agius is a Legal Procurator and Commissioner for Oaths. Prior to reading Law at the University of Malta, Matthew served in the British Army.
'Lost' Karin Grech evidence found again, courts say
Court & Police 24-11

MIssing fragments of the envelope containing the letter bomb which killed 15 year-old Karin Grech in 1977 has turned up again, a week after the family's lawyers filed a judicial protest.

After Constitutional breach confirmed, wrongly convicted man requests bail
Court & Police 24-11

A man convicted of drug trafficking has requested bail after he was denied access to a lawyer during police interrogation

Would-be car thief jailed, sent to rehab
Court & Police 24-11

Court rebukes a 23-year-old man, charged with two counts of aggravated theft and criminal damage, saying his continued drug use was putting his hardworking family in a bad light

Orizzont ordered to pay civil servant €4000 in libel damages
Court & Police 23-11

The court concluded that though ‘public servants were subject to wider criticism than private individuals, journalists were to ensure that reported facts were true, backed by sufficient evidence’

Vessel seized for carrying contraband fuel was only carrying water and sludge, owners say
Court & Police 23-11

Paul and Alexandra Piscopo filed proceedings back in 2013, for the release of their vessel and the 34,600 litres of gasoil it was carrying

‘Don’t let me down’, magistrate tells man on bail for resisting arrest
Court & Police 23-11

The accused ran away after being told he was under arrest, hitting a police officer with his car as he drove off

Tribunal says PBS axing of Claudette Buttigieg was abusive
Court & Police 22-11

A tribunal says a decision by PBS to stop Nationalist MP Claudette Buttigieg from presenting a television show after she announced her candidature, was abusive

Caruana Galizia family want court to remove minister's husband from police investigation
Court & Police 22-11

Daphne Caruana Galizia's family want Deputy Police Commissioner Silvio Valletta removed from the murder investigation, claiming he could have a conflict of interest

Would-be security guards charged with theft
Court & Police 22-11

Andre Bugeja, 19, and Massimo Fasanelli, 18, were arraigned and accused of breaking into a house and stealing €1,500 in cash

Fuel racket partners alleged fraud against each other
Court & Police 22-11

Both criminal and civil proceedings for frauf were filed between fuel smuggling partners Gordon and Darren Debono 

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