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Market Commentary | Oil prices rally on OPEC deal
Business Comment 29-09

European markets broke a three-day losing streak to close Wednesday’s session in positive territory for ...
Where is the missing link in correspondent banking?
Business Comment 29-09

Pressure on correspondent banking arrangements could disrupt our financial services and cross-border flow...
Market Commentary | Energy stocks the biggest losers of the day
Business Comment 28-09

It appears there is some relief amongst European energy and resources stocks as they are currently pulling maj...
Market Commentary | Deutsche Bank Steals the Headlines
Business Comment 27-09

Deutsche Bank has been recently making the headlines for all the wrong reasons
Market Commentary | The Week Ahead
Business Comment 26-09

Oil fell almost 4% after OPEC ringleader Saudi Arabia dashed hopes of a co-ordinated production cut or freeze ...
Market Commentary | Markets in the green
Business Comment 23-09

Financial markets rallied in unison around the world on Thursday
Market Commentary | BoJ sparks global gains
Business Comment 22-09

 Wednesday was business as usual for the rest of the world
Budget 2017 – Scicluna gambles on being Malta’s Gulliver
Business Comment 22-09

The Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions would be a heavy blow to Malta’s industry sinc...
Market Commentary | Low US Rates S08E06
Business Comment 20-09

This year kicked off with expectations of a further 25 basis points hike early in the year, but a broad market...
Market Commentary | This week: Focus on Central Banks
Business Comment 19-09

The week ended with a stab in the back for Financials, with Deutsche Bank fined by the US Justice Department $...
Market Commentary | Apple rally leads markets higher
Business Comment 16-09

Nerves over central bank action set the tone for a cautious day of trading on Thursday
Market Commentary | Questions remain on interest rate stability
Business Comment 15-09

Global markets regained their composure on Wednesday after uncertainty over global central bank policy sparked...
Poverty trap – keep digging, it’s the only way out
Business Comment 15-09

SME’s constitute the bulk of employers in Malta and consequently they carry a fair share of tax burdens,...
Market Commentary | Paint the Town Red
Business Comment 14-09

Monday’s stock rally in the US was but a blip in what was otherwise a down week for most global markets
Market Commentary | Panic Eases?
Business Comment 13-09

Volatility driven by uncertainty over the future path of US interest rates has made quite a comeback