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Technology 14:11

64.2% of internet users acquireed products online last year, while 55% made use of eGovernment services, 64.2% and 31.6% made use of cloud computing services

Business News 24-02

Wartsila to boost efficiency and reduce emissions of Maltese power plant
Technology 23-02

Maltese are the second most likely in Europe to accidentally encounter material promoting racial hatred and re...
Technology 18-02

NSO data shows high levels of computer and internet use throughout all economic activities and enterprise size...
Technology 17-02

Prof. Rilla Khaled from the Institute of Digital Games at the University of Malta speaks to TEODOR RELJIC abou...
Technology 28-01

Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in the three months leading up to 27 December, well ahead of most analyst...
Technology 23-01

Parliamentary secretary Jose Herrera called for the protection of net neutrality, a reduction in roaming ...
Technology 30-12

From potentially curing paraplegia to landing robots on comets, science and technology has advanced in leaps a...
Technology 25-12

Google registered trillions of searches this year alone and a look back at a few of the most searched terms sh...
Technology 05-12

US study finds mice injected with embryonic glial cells had much better memories than normal mice
Technology 03-12

By Miriana Micallef
Technology 02-12

The domains were seized for selling counterfeit products including luxury goods, sportswear, electronics and p...
Technology 26-11

Media expert Carmen Sammut: ‘We’re living in the age of transgression where the unconventional thi...
Technology 14-11

In October, the annual rate of inflation as measured by the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices stood at 0.7 p...
Technology 03-11

Malta Communications Authority extends ICT training programme launched in 2013
Technology 31-10

U-turn on unpopular proposal for tax on internet data usage