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Michael Falzon
27 January 2015, 7:24am

As a result of Busuttil’s decision, come the next general election, bird hunting will no longer be an electoral issue for the first time in over 20 years – whatever the referendum result will be. This is to the PN’s advantage

Raphael Vassallo
27 January 2015, 7:22am

Has it really never occurred to anyone that the autumn season is so paltry precisely because we permit those birds to be killed at the most critical stage of their life-cycle?

John Baldacchino
26 January 2015, 9:11am

The more I reflect on this, the less I am convinced that this referendum is simply about hunting rights or the protection of migrating birds. 

Mark Scicluna
26 January 2015, 8:45am

New email revelations on George Farrugia now force a reconsideration of what information pardoned oil trader has been keeping secret

Mark Scicluna
21 January 2015, 8:57am
Mark Scicluna
18 January 2015, 8:22am

Turtle doves get ready for their migration northwards for breeding, but a referendum in Malta on the future of spring hunting is speeding up their plans

27 January 2015, 7:25am

At this point, we must either resign ourselves to powerlessness in the face of an unsavoury culture that infects various strata of society… or we must try to do something about it.

22 January 2015, 7:52am

As many had long suspected, the fuel procurement scandal revealed the existence of a deep-rooted culture of ‘give and take’ that pervaded parts of the civil service

20 January 2015, 7:59am

The change in leadership of June 2013 has clearly not worked to reverse the political tide for the party in opposition. Unless this changes, the prospects of a turnaround in time for the 2018 election will become increasingly more remote.