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Raphael Vassallo
11 February 2016, 8:14am

The Le Iene feature did not even come close to establishing that Filiberti is owed any money. Isn’t it incumbent on the journalist presenting the feature to prove that this debt actually exists… before pointing accusatory fingers at ‘questi furbi maltesi’, ‘maledetti e stra-maledetti’, ‘no Alpitur, ai-ai-ai-ai’… etc.?

Evarist Bartolo
10 February 2016, 8:32am

So far the public sector has been the major employer of registered disabled persons while the private sector has been catching up since the government introduced incentives to employ disabled persons. 

Edward Mallia
10 February 2016, 8:31am

Compared to what it could have been it is a miracle; compared to what it should have been it is a disaster

Mark Scicluna
8 February 2016, 5:47pm

The search for the next Labour deputy leader begins, and Darth Salesman needs to find someone who is a right match...

Mark Scicluna
3 February 2016, 7:44am

Time for a history lesson, Simon...

Mark Scicluna
1 February 2016, 1:06pm

Mark Scicluna's take on patriots and their ham sandwich stunt

11 February 2016, 8:17am

After the Mintoff era, Labour struggled for years to come to terms with a new identity. Muscat is right to want to modernise his party’s structures… but it would be unwise to make the Labour Party an extension of himself.

9 February 2016, 7:25am

Abela’s appointment vacates the position of ‘deputy leader for party affairs’, and the choice of successor will invariably be interpreted as a sign of things to come within the party.

4 February 2016, 7:20am

Maltese governments have traditionally viewed the University as an extension of their own executive capability – the academic arm of a machine that exists to enact their policies.

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