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James Debono
20 August 2014, 11:06am

Joseph Muscat’s government likes to be liked. The €200,000 giveaway defines its modus operandi as a populist government.

Leo Brincat
20 August 2014, 10:29am

The Renzi factor has not only worked but is also expected to succeed, even if it might eventually go through difficult patches

Evarist Bartolo
20 August 2014, 10:23am

We have not shied away from exposing problems over the past 17 months and we promise not to do so in the coming years. If you don’t acknowledge the problem in public, no real policy can ever be formulated to tackle these issues

Mark Scicluna
13 August 2014, 11:50am

Cartoon by Mark Scicluna

Mark Scicluna
11 August 2014, 9:17am

Cartoon by Mark Scicluna

Mark Scicluna
6 August 2014, 5:59pm

Cartoon by Mark Scicluna

19 August 2014, 7:20am

The government cannot simply pick and choose whom to compensate in what circumstances, only on the basis of what makes it look good politically.

14 August 2014, 10:10am

Not only has the MEA failed to address the serious issue of ongoing abuse of the system by certain employers: it now seems to be suggesting that employers should be given even more powers which could, in turn, very easily be abused.

12 August 2014, 7:45am

In a country where immigration has already exacerbated racist sentiment, it is all too easy to pin the blame on society’s most vulnerable sectors.