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Matthew Vella
29 August 2015, 7:23am

While a modern and progressive democracy demands that decentralisation is the order of the day, we have witnessed a reversal of the legislative buffers we had grown accustomed to.

Raphael Vassallo
27 August 2015, 9:00am

I was reminded of that line this week by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna, who has dropped various ominous hints of late concerning all the things he ‘wants to do’ in connection with the recent decriminalisation of ‘religious vilification’.

Ralph Cassar
26 August 2015, 8:00am

The most common arguments are those regarding traffic and the price of fuel. The arguments are as ridiculous as they can get.

Mark Scicluna
27 August 2015, 9:39am
Mark Scicluna
21 August 2015, 6:18pm
Mark Scicluna
18 August 2015, 1:31pm
27 August 2015, 9:36am

MaltaToday has taken an editorial stand to stop using the word migrant; a term which dehumanises the people risking their lives on a daily basis

25 August 2015, 7:31am

we have one party’s women’s section accusing the other of being ‘non-functional’… when it is actually the ‘function’ of a women’s section of any political party to speak out on issues which are of direct concern to women.

20 August 2015, 12:27pm

Even with the abundance of energy that will be made available to the island, and the security of supply it will entail, the overarching storyline on Delimara’s new gas plant is that Joseph Muscat’s premiership depends squarely on its success.