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Ryan Callus
30 September 2014, 11:42am

The Labour Government is carving up the public service into two – the selected few, and the rest

Raphael Vassallo
30 September 2014, 8:00am

You can almost pick out any problem area at random and find the same underlying pattern. As we all saw in the recent case of Mr Justice Farrugia Sacco – and before him Tonio Depasquale – the existing Constitutional mechanism for the removal of judges just doesn’t work

Saviour Balzan
29 September 2014, 10:00am

The evidence presented in court included taped conversations presented by the police which uncovers the cruel and ‘dark’ intentions of three rather well known individuals.

Mark Scicluna
30 September 2014, 11:41am
Mark Scicluna
25 September 2014, 10:03am

Hunters' lobby CEO Lino Farrugia says he understands the frustration of the hunters that organised an illegal protest...

Mark Scicluna
22 September 2014, 1:56pm

Malta celebrates its Independence from British colonial rule with a visit from a British royal, just days after Scotland voted to stay within the British Union in an independence referendum.

29 September 2014, 8:37am

MaltaToday, The Times of Malta and the Malta Independent call for abolition of spring hunting in forthcoming referendum

25 September 2014, 10:03am

The tide of popular feeling has now decidedly turned against the hunters’ cause; and with a referendum on spring hunting to be held shortly, this sudden nosedive in popularity is likely to come back to haunt them in the near future.

23 September 2014, 6:10am

Even today, 50 years later, the fundamental question of what makes us a nation is not easy to answer.