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The “anyone can do it” syndrome
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 16-10

‘What has really struck me about all this, however, is that it points to a certain air of dismissiveness...
The divine comedy
Saviour Balzan
Blogs 16-10

If you had to put the four candidates – Edwin Vassallo, David Agius, Arrigo and Bezzina – in a gia...
Strengthening our foundation
Evarist Bartolo
Blogs 15-10

The Institute for Education is adamant to give the opportunity to all those who want to develop professio...
Open season on women’s looks
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 12-10

What is it about politicians’ wives? We try to teach girls to rely on their intellect rather than t...
More money in (everyone else’s) pockets...
Raphael Vassallo
Blogs 12-10

How about throwing in a little something in our direction, too? Like an allowance for not having children, for...
Traffic jams, Francis and a tongue-tied EU
Frank Psaila
Blogs 12-10

Public trust has hit rock bottom, falling 17 places over last year's. Malta ranks at 74, down from 57. Sur...
Empowering our girls
Marie Louise Coleiro Preca
Blogs 11-10

On 11 October we mark the International Day of the Girl Child, by acknowledging the value and contribution bei...
The business perspective
Blogs 10-10

Reading through the budget speech, one gets the feeling that there are a lot of positive measures... Stephen M...
A necessary evil
Michael Falzon
Blogs 10-10

Reports of Public Procurement regulations being breached or even ignored are not uncommon. Such situations are...
Adrian Delia vs 'the Lesbians'
Raphael Vassallo
Blogs 10-10

Well, what can I say? No prizes for guessing whom the bookies expect to win
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 09-10

Everywhere you go shopping, it is as if people want to continuously shove plastic at you, whether it is for pr...
If only it was about gender
Saviour Balzan
Blogs 09-10

There is little doubt in my mind that Joseph Muscat’s drive for addressing gender imbalance is not a gen...
Merkel feels the populist bite
Matthew Bugeja
Blogs 06-10

If a political colossus such as Angela Merkel can be dealt a blow by populists, then other Western politicians...
Malta returns to the global stage on ocean protection
Blogs 06-10

With Our Ocean 2017, Malta is returning to the global stage
The right to religious broadcasting vs the rights of women
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 05-10

Broadcasting carries a certain amount of responsibility, and a TV presenter speaking to a wider audience in a ...