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Jurgen Balzan
Blogs 15:24

A military, political and trade embargo will drive Israel into isolation since diplomacy and international solidarity have failed the Palestinian plight for freedom and justice  

Raphael Vassallo
Blogs 07:20

In the past weeks, we have heard calls for the extermination of Palestinians which unnervingly echo the Nazi p...
Karl Schembri
Blogs 30-07

A ceasefire without an end to the Israeli blockade will not last long, and today’s six-year-old will be ...
Evarist Bartolo
Blogs 30-07

Tertiary education is another important step towards the consolidation of the knowledge-based economy
Henry Frendo
Blogs 30-07

Prof. Henry Frendo • Gudio de Marco had a sense of history, as shown in his well-known quip from Nerik Mi...
Frank Psaila
Blogs 30-07

The stuffiness of the Nationalist Party on a number of social issues has driven thousands away from the PN
James Debono
Blogs 29-07

Malta’s objection to Israel’s bid to win a UN security council seat should also take into consider...
Michael Falzon
Blogs 29-07

Muscat had hinted at probable impending changes some time ago, just after the EP elections, saying that holdin...
Raphael Vassallo
Blogs 29-07

I am tempted to draw analogies with Monty Python’s dead parrot sketch here, but seriously: the real life...
Saviour Balzan
Blogs 28-07

There is little or nothing we can do to change the international situation.  We are if anything insignifi...
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 28-07

If my life or that of my family were in danger I would not be quibbling about having to pay money in order to ...
George M. Mangion
Blogs 25-07

Today Air Malta is on its knees scraping though the intravenous intervention of a massive rescue operation. Th...
Arnold Cassola
Blogs 24-07

The real motive behind the plan to suspend local council elections is the Prime Minister’s erroneous bel...
Raphael Vassallo
Blogs 24-07

Without your finger on the big red button, it is quite simply impossible to turn to building contractors and b...
Evarist Bartolo
Blogs 23-07

Vocational education should not be seen as a competitor to academic qualifications. It should be complementary...
Ryan Callus
Blogs 22-07

Ultimately, this country is bogged down with two ambassadors for China. That is an expense we can do without.