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Politics isn’t always like football
Saviour Balzan
Blogs 07:43

Marlene Farrugia has just done a Nigel Farage

Dirty politics in leadership races are nothing new
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 07:40

What PL leadership contenders did not have to contend with in 2008 was the ease with which leaked information ...
Butlers to the cosmopolites? We’ll pay the price
Matthew Vella
Blogs 18-08

Profit rules in Malta’s brave new cosmopolitan future, but we have no idea how to repel the brusque gent...
You reap what you sow
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 17-08

Many political pundits and observers had warned that this type of thing was inevitable, but there is no real s...
The story you don’t know about
Evarist Bartolo
Blogs 16-08

The irony of it all is that those who spew hate towards people who escape conflict and violence are among thos...
The Presidency has come to an end, but it isn’t yet over
Frank Psaila
Blogs 16-08

Apart from being an opportunity to showcase our work ethic and determination, the Presidency has also been a g...
The resignation that never was
Michael Falzon
Blogs 15-08

Call them ‘the clique’ or ‘the political establishment of the past’ or whatever, but t...
If you can’t stand the heat...
Raphael Vassallo
Blogs 15-08

The point is that we are now inured to a situation where to be in politics is, effectively, to be at war
The link between Gentlemen’s Clubs and prostitution
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 14-08

In 2010 Iceland banned strip clubs with the reasoning that ‘it is not acceptable that women or people in...
Enjoying the show
Saviour Balzan
Blogs 14-08

I have never had time for pretenders who pose as independent journalists, but are nothing more than ambitious ...
[WATCH] Of facts and spin
Saviour Balzan
Blogs 11-08

In his latest video blog, MaltaToday’s managing editor Saviour Balzan insists that his article on Adrian...
Give me some space
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 10-08

While I still prefer living in Malta to anywhere else, admittedly the negatives tend to assault your sens...
The island that turned itself into a desert
Raphael Vassallo
Blogs 10-08

We are, in brief, doing our utmost to make this country as hot, parched and shade-less as it is possible to be...
New broom at the union
Marco Bonnici
Blogs 09-08

MUT appointments mark a number of firsts in the long history of the union, including the first female general ...
An assignment for social media
Evarist Bartolo
Blogs 09-08

Ways for the public to openly air their views are crucial in today’s democracy [but] sometimes the wrong...
Worst of times for public broadcasting
Mark Camilleri
Blogs 08-08

With a public broadcaster in shambles and cultural institutions under the management of incompetent people, V1...