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Open season on women’s looks

What is it about politicians’ wives? We try to teach girls to rely on their intellect rather than their looks to get ahead, and yet we still pit women in the public eye against each other as if it were some beauty contest

California wildfires: death toll rises to 23 as winds get stronger

'We’re still not out of the woods' says spokeswoman for Cal Fire

‘My father was embraced with open arms by the Maltese – if that hadn’t been the case, I wouldn’t exist’

Fresh off a workshop involving various young migrants organised by human rights organisation aditus, half-Maltese, half-Syrian social worker Omar Rababah speaks to Teodor Reljic about growing up in ‘two worlds’, and how it motivated him to advocate for the integration of all migrants

Harvey Weinstein: film producer could face 25 years in jail

Movie mogul could face up to 25 years in jail on sexual assault charges if the latest abuse allegations are tried in criminal courts, say legal experts

More money in (everyone else’s) pockets...

How about throwing in a little something in our direction, too? Like an allowance for not having children, for instance. ‘Reward’ us a little, for our ‘hard work’ in not adding to the global over-population crisis

No shrinking against the pale moonlight | The Shrinking Violets

Contrary to the implications of their name, newly-minted theatre troupe The Shrinking Violets will be taking the proverbial (undead) bull by the horns this season, as they launch with Ernest and the Pale Moon – the Oliver Lansley Fringe hit that’s a perfect fit for Halloween, as they tell Teodor Reljic

Traffic jams, Francis and a tongue-tied EU

Public trust has hit rock bottom, falling 17 places over last year's. Malta ranks at 74, down from 57. Surprised? I'm not

Delia: Government being dishonest in claiming it is paying off debt

The Nationalist Party leader said that in four years, the government had increased the country’s debt by a billion Euro

Burnt down Sant’Antnin recycling shed to be rebuilt

Replacement sorting shed will be built on site of the one damaged by fire in May, most sorting currently taking place in Maghtab

Planning Authority employing both Labour MP and former minister for legal services

Former planning minister Deborah Schembri and Labour MP Robert Abela both have contracts for legal services with the Planning Authority

Duck hunt ends in hefty fine, hunting licence suspension

The two men were caught trying to smuggle a dead protected species of bird into the country in their luggage following a 2014 hunting trip

[WATCH] Robert Arrigo launches bid for deputy leadership, says IVF leave rules 'illegal'

PN deputy leadership contender says he has the right background, and success stories to his name, to occupy the post

Young woman hospitalised in Qormi accident

Her car was involved in a collision with another vehicle this afternoon

Government refusing to have open and transparent waste management discussion – PN

It accused the government of having a negative attitude intended to keep its plans secret

Tom Saintfiet appointed Malta coach

Belgian coach has vast experience in international football

Italian men charged with refusing to submit to police search

One of the men was also charged with violently resisting a public official acting in the line of duty

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