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Concerned residents condemn illegal dumping in St. Thomas Bay

Concerned residents are beginning to take action against people using various areas around their localities as rubbish dumps.


Martina Borg
1 September 2016, 8:35pm
Images forwarded to the newsroom show the area being used as a dumping site in Marsaskala
Images forwarded to the newsroom show the area being used as a dumping site in Marsaskala
One such location is an empty plot opposite St. Thomas Bay in Marsaskala, a touristic and popular area for those seeking some leisure time. According to reports received by the newsroom the area is being used by a dumping site, with authorities not taking appropriate action to minimize the eyesore that these actions may cause.

Earlier today a video showing a man dumping rubbish on a Valletta street corner was shared on Facebook by the Valletta local council. The council went on to remind the public that fines for littering can go up to €5,823.43 and that CCTV footage is being used to identify individuals who litter in the same way.

Various localities around the island are currently taking similar stands against littering and illegal dumping. Meanwhile hoards of social media users are taking to their pages to express disdain at the littering and waste in their localities while asking for immediate, swift and effective action against the offence.

Martina Borg focuses on lifestyle and society issues
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