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[WATCH] Adoptive parents may soon receive maternity leave
Budget 2015 05-10

Government consulting stakeholders on extending maternity leave to adoptive parents

[WATCH] EOI for design, construction and operation of motorsports racetrack launched
Budget 2015 29-09

Motorsports complex may include hotel, maintenance facilities and transport museum
[WATCH] Child supplement, children's allowance to be issued within next two weeks
Budget 2015 31-08

Child supplement and children's allowance to be given out on the 5 and 12 September respect...
[WATCH] €35 COLA compensation to be cashed in this week
National 25-03

Government to start distributing once off €35 bonus this week.
Updated | Deficit target 'right on track', Prime Minister says
National 23-03

Opposition leader proposes setting up of working group to analyse impact of new taxes on some 400 services
Standard of living improving under Labour - Scicluna
Budget 2015 04-12

Former Nationalist finance minister Tonio Fenech says 2015 Budget is nothing but an accounting exercise litter...
Manufacturing sector problems costing people their jobs- De Marco
Budget 2015 04-12

Mario de Marco says that Internet shopping cannot be blamed for recent declines in shop sales
Mallia: ‘Unfortunate’ that PN used shooting incident to belittle Budget
National 03-12

Home affairs minster gets hero's welcome at post-budget consultation meeting • Shooting incident hard...
MP files complaint with equality watchdog over Bartolo’s ‘hymen’ comment
National 03-12

Nationalist MP Claudette Buttigieg files complaint with National Commission for the Promotion of Equality over...
Nurses against outsourcing of community care services
National 03-12

Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses says public-private partnerships ‘increase costs and decrease level o...
Update 2 | Gas plant for June 2016, Chinese deal to be closed in coming weeks
National 02-12

Energy Minister informs parliament gas plant delayed by 15 months • Commissioning of interconnector early...
Government to open GP clinic at Mater Dei
National 02-12

As from next January, all IVF services will be provided at Mater Dei Hospital
Marlene Farrugia dubs LNG tanker ‘as ugly as the biblical plagues’
National 02-12

Backbencher tells Energy Minister to lay all cards on the table
Update 3 | ‘Admit PN’s energy plan was better option’ – Fenech tells Mizzi
Budget 2015 02-12

George Pullicino says PN in government ‘would not commit itself to buy energy from ElectroGas’ &bu...
St Luke’s Hospital ‘not serving rehabilitation purposes’
Budget 2015 02-12

MP Claudio Grech says health budget registered a 44% decrease in capital investment
Updated | Case of address theft ‘nothing to do with IIP’ – Identity Malta
National 01-12

Nationalist MP says Identity Malta received reports of theft of addresses by IIP applicants applying for a Mal...