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All articles • 'planning authority'
New solar farm policy could lead to generation of up to 50MW of electricity
Energy 06-10

The estimate is based on interest shown by the private sector in developing sites according to the policy’s specifications

[WATCH] 118 truckloads of dumped construction material removed from Wied Qirda
Nature 29-09

The Planning Authority said in a statement that it was finally removing a ‘scar plaguing the picturesque valley’

Mellieha chicken farm application rejected
Planning Blog 29-09

When faced with the decision on whether to grant permission for a new chicken farm as well as an underground reservoir, amongst other things, the Planning Authority turned down the application

Wied Qirda 'scar' being removed by Planning Authority in direct action operation
Environment 28-09

The section of the valley, Tal-Bilbli, covering an area of 25,000m2, is finally being restored to its 'original state' as planning authority moves in with heavy machinery to begin the extensive process

Animal hospital kiosk awaits Lands Authority’s permission
Townscapes 27-09

Planning Authority suspends application for 50 sq.m kiosk next to animal hospital in Ta’ Qali to allow the applicant to seek approval from the Lands Authority

Permit for Ghar Lapsi concrete platform turned down
Planning Blog 22-09

The proposal included on-site cooking, a 'temporary (seasonal) platform' and the re-design of toilet facilities, amonst other things

14-storey hotel approved in Sliema
Townscapes 07-09

The Planning Authority has approved the demolition of the Sliema Hotel, to make way for a new 14-storey, four star hotel approved on the basis of three different height polices approved in past years.

Four-storey block and showroom approved on Mosta archaeological site
Townscapes 14-08

Development approved because Superintendence of Cultural Heritage did not object to proposal

PA asked to regularise ‘enclosure’ for pumas and monkeys
Townscapes 11-08

An application to regularise illegally developed animal enclosures, hosting two monkeys, two pumas and a number dog kennels, has been presented to the Planning Authority

Garage cannot be turned into a store
Planning Blog 11-08

Storage facilities are likely to have a deleterious impact because of visual intrusion, noise, vibration, atmospheric pollution, unusually high traffic generation and unusual operating times

ERA objects to Mdina road petrol station, just 400m down from nearest pump
Townscapes 10-08

The Environment and Resources Authority is objecting to the relocation of am urban petrol station’s licence on Valley Road, Msida to Mdina Road, Attard

No permit for Transport Malta work at Gudja junction
Townscapes 09-08

Road works near the Dawret il-Gudja roundabout o have started in the absence of a planning permit but Transport Malta is insisting that it is 'collaborating' with the Planning Authority

Keeping track of Malta’s development boom? Tips on the new PA website
Environment 09-08

Revamped just two weeks after a suspension of normal search facilities, you can now consult this guide on tracking down Planning Authority applications

Just €2,807 for extra five storeys on Gzira tower
Townscapes 09-08

A second application to add five storeys to the 16-storey ‘14 East’ tower in Gzira, on the site of the former United Garage, is being recommended for approval by the Planning Authority’s planning directorate

Internal development rejected due to restricted access
Planning Blog 04-08

Approach roads to internal developments should not be less than 4.1 metres wide

PA website still lacks facility to search enforcements by locality
National 03-08

Another feature in the old website which is still lacking is a list of pending ODZ (Outside Development Zone) and UCA (Urban Conservation Areas) applications in the 68 Maltese and Gozitan localities

Planning Authority’s hide-and-seek on chairman’s salary
National 01-08

In May, the PA had directed MaltaToday to file the FOI request in the first place. Two months later, the PA refused the request

Over-development: We are reaching breaking point
Blogs 31-07

When people start being directly and personally affected by planning (or rather, lack of planning) decisions which impinge on their quality of life, then I think it is no longer an issue of which party they support

Application dismissed due to persisting illegal activity
Planning Blog 28-07

Sanctioning applications are dismissed if the order or notice requires the cessation of a use which persists

No rollback on Aarhus
Editorial 27-07

What matters is not just that information is provided to those interested in a particular permit as clients or objectors, but that this information is easily accessible to those whose main interest is to scrutinise institutions

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