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All articles • 'syria'
'Huge' explosion near Damascus Airport rocks Syrian capital
World 27-04

A large explosion has hit an area near Damascus international airport, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says

Evacuations of besieged Syrians resume after 48-hour delay
World 21-04

The evacuation and transfer of thousands of Syrians from four besieged areas resumed on Friday after being stuck for 48 hours at a transit point

Dozens of children dead in Syria evacuees bombing
World 17-04

Nearly 70 children were among those killed when a suicide car bombing tore through buses carrying evacuees from besieged government-held towns in Syria

Evacuee bus convoy bombed in Syria, at least 16 dead
World 15-04

Thousands of evacuees from both sides of Syria’s civil war have been stuck in hostile territory since Friday.

Residents, fighters evacuate from four besieged Syria towns
World 14-04

The Syrian government and rebel forces have begun an operation to move people away from four besieged towns

US-Russia relations at 'all-time low' after Syria attacks
World 13-04

US President Donald Trump said the United States' relationship with Moscow 'may be at an all-time low' after his Secretary of State received a frosty reception in Moscow

Thumbs up from Trump | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 12-04

United States President Donald Trump praised Toyota for its plans to invest $1.3 billion in its plant in Georgetown, Kentucky

G7 rejects sanctions on Russia following Syria chemical attack
World 11-04

Sanctions against Russia and Syria will not be put in place until after an investigation into last week's apparent chemical attack.

Markets mixed on Monday | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 11-04

The week got off to a mixed start on Monday, with major bourses swaying in and out of negative territory during the session

G7 foreign ministers seek US clarity over Syria
World 10-04

Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven industrialized nations are gathering for a meeting given urgency by the chemical attack in Syria and the US military response

No peace in Syria until regime change, US ambassador to UN says
World 09-04

US ambassador to United Nations, Nikki Haley, insists that peace can only be attained in war-torn Syria if president Bashar al-Assad is ousted

Safe haven assets rally | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 07-04

As safe haven assets tend to be the asset class of choice for investors during turbulent times, gold and government bonds have rallied following the military airstrike by the US against Syria

Trump orders missile strikes in Syria following chemical attack
World 07-04

The US has carried out a missile attack against an air base in Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town

Syria chemical attack has changed view of Assad, Trump says
World 06-04

US President Donald Trump said his attitude towards Syria and leader Bashar al-Assad had changed following the Idlib gas attack, but gave no indication of how he would respond

UN calls emergency talks after 'gas attack'
World 05-04

The UN Security Council is to hold emergency talks after an alleged chemical attack in Syria left dozens of civilians dead and wounded

Dozens killed in suspected chemical attack on rebel-held Syrian town
World 04-04

Attach has hit Idlib, one of the last bastions of rebel control in Syria and which has been subjected to a relentless campaign of aerial bombardment

Turkey ends Euphrates Shield military campaign in Syria
World 30-03

Turkey says it has "successfully" ended its seven-month Euphrates Shield military campaign in northern Syria

'Deal reached' for four besieged areas in Syria
World 29-03

A deal has been reached to allow the evacuation of four besieged areas in Syria, according to reports

Syria rebels capture ISIS-held airbase near Raqqa
World 27-03

US-backed Syrian rebels say they have taken full control of a key airbase held by ISIS near its stronghold, Raqqa

Israel threatens to destroy Syria’s air defences
World 19-03

After Syrian military fires anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli military planes, Israel defence minister Avigdor Liemann says country threatens to destroy Syria’s air defences ‘without the slightest hesitation’

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