IDEA Group launches new recruitment company with a difference

Local group of companies IDEA Group have just launched a new recruitment company with a difference

IDEA Resourcing combines recruitment with training and is backed by a team of organisational psychology experts who understand the dynamic of ‘perfect fit’ without merely relying on matching CVs. Managing Director Silvio De Bono says that the idea behind the latest addition to the group’s portfolio of companies came as a natural process experienced by the Group. 

“As a Group, we are the leaders in offering education and training on one hand, and meeting customers’ needs by looking into their corporate services as another,” Dr De Bono explains. 

“We truly understand this need and, through IDEA Resourcing, we strive to converge these two different but related needs together.”

One of the biggest challenges currently facing the recruitment market is that there has been an exponential increase in the demand for jobs across different levels and in different economic sectors, Dr De Bono says.

This means that employers are being faced with the challenge of recruiting resources, and not talent.  

“In meeting the customers’ demands, different companies embarked on a recruitment spree to get as many people as possible on board to meet the demand. 

“The immediate negative results can be summarised in having an untrained workforce, a higher rate of employee turnover and a decrease in the overall levels of commitment and engagement. 

“In addition, the cost of labour has increased up to a point where employers have put themselves out of the competitive race.”

Through its expertise in education and management, IDEA Resourcing is proposing a different solution to this problem, Dr De Bono continues. 

Rather than recruiting resources, the company wishes to work with employers to recruit talent, and rather than recruiting to fill a temporary gap, it is encouraging employers to investigate longer-term solutions. 

IDEA Resourcing positions itself as an industry partner to turn its clients’ problems into opportunities for employee growth and development. 

“We fully understand that the recruitment issue cannot be isolated from any other issues within any organisation. On the contrary, it is fundamentally engrained in the overall manpower planning issues. 

“Our approach ranges from looking into the short-term gaps to longer-term HR planning that is built on demand and supply strategies, as well as to longer-term talent development and retention planning programmes.”

IDEA Resourcing draws upon the expertise and resources supplied by the other companies within the group. 

IDEA Academy has positioned itself as a leader in the provision of accredited education at different levels across 10 different economic sectors. All its courses are industry driven and intended to ensure that enough knowledge and skills are given to help students advance in their careers. 

IDEA Advisory and IDEA Intelligence, on the other hand, offer bespoke consultancy and AI solutions to companies. 

“This implies that, through these three companies, we are constantly looking into the business market from different angles. 

“Therefore, I am convinced that while our work in the Advisory and Intelligence business gives us a top-down understanding of the corporate world, our direct contact with adult students attending our progammes reveals to us the bottom-up issues of employees who aspire to climb up the corporate ladder.

“At IDEA Resourcing, we move away from the quick fixes and focus on longer term-solutions. Our aim is to work with companies to recruit, develop and retain talent.” 

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