Unleash the potential features of a video stabiliser

Video stabilisers do more than stabilise - they can transform your entire video 

When it comes to using a video stabiliser, many people assume that it is only used for what its name suggests. However, it is actually used for many other purposes. For example, it balances and clarifies the visuals of a video by removing distortions and blurs. It also fine-tunes a video frame whilst improving the quality of a video’s aesthetics. Therefore, it is important to always choose the best video editor for YouTube or other sites by looking at its key features. This article highlights the potential features of such an excellent editor called video stabilisation. So, let’s explore it here!

An excellent video stabiliser such as CapCut, comes with the following stunning features for editing and stabilising videos. 

Automatic video stabilisation

The first and foremost potential feature of using automatic video stabilisation is that it automates it. In simple words, you don’t need to worry about not having any editing skills to stabilise videos. Rather, it only needs you to pick up and upload the videos. The rest of the work is done by the editor in stabilising your videos. 

Produce quality footage

Sometimes, videos lose their quality due to having many blurs and distortions. These quality disruptions don’t just affect the visibility of the video’s graphics but also make it appear to look dull and boring. To successfully create a stand-out and eye-catching video, an AI video stabilisation tool dramatically fixes these issues to produce quality footage. 

Advanced AI algorithms

The addition of AI technology to video stabilisation makes it more reliable and beneficial for video editing. Through artificial intelligence, the editor makes the right decisions about making the necessary edits with a professional touch. The resulting videos contain better graphics and visuals, overall improving its quality. 

Gyroscope assures precision

At the same time, the gyroscopic algorithms combine with AI sensors to thoroughly evaluate the videos for defects, distortions and blurs. They then implement the right measurements to effectively resolve these defects and distortions from videos to assure consistent precision and smoothness. 

Adjusts necessary parameters

Besides stabilisation, blurs, distortions and visuals, there are other necessary parameters that require adjustments. For example, a video frame is an important aspect that either supports and maintains the focus or degrades it. An AI video stabilisation makes adjustments to all such necessary parameters so that the resulting video meets the expectations. 

Protects your video’s privacy

No one wants their videos to be shared on different sites without their permission. Thus, the security, safety and privacy of using online editors, heavily come into question. However, this outstanding video stabiliser guarantees that it fully protects the privacy of your videos. Your videos are never shared with its back server or with any other site. Instead, the system immediately deletes them whenever you close the editor. So, you do not need to worry about the privacy of your videos on this editor. 

Free, online, and time-saving

Finally, this incredible editor is free to use, available online and a huge time saver. You can save much of your time through it as it is AI-based which automates the stabilisation in videos. Similarly, being a free editor helps you to save money and instead use it elsewhere. Being online offers you greater freedom and flexibility to use this fantastic stabiliser from any place at any time. 

How to use CapCut’s AI video stabilisation?

Using the AI video stabilisation tool is the simplest, easiest and quickest job! All you need to do for stabilising your videos is to follow these four quick steps. 

Step 1: Sign-up 

First of all, you will need to sign up for the CapCut online editor by visiting its online website. On the homepage, you will see the signup option. Navigate through the signup form and fill in the required sections. Then, visit your email ID to see the verification link/code and verify your account. Then, use your email ID and password to log in to your account and move to the homepage. 

Step 2: Upload 

From there, navigate to the magic tools and click AI video stabilisation from the magic tools. The video stabilisation workspace will open with the upload button on the first page. Click on it and upload your desired video for stabilisation. If you want to test the video stabiliser tool first, you have three sample videos under the upload button. Choose any one of these and click on upload. 

Step 3: Preview 

When you click on upload, the editor will start loading and generating the changes in your chosen video. In less than a minute, your video stabilisation workspace will show the stabilised video. You will see the preview icon at the top right side of the workspace. Click on it should you want to compare and contrast the before and after results. 

Step 4: Export 

To download and save your video to your device, navigate to Export >Download. The video will be saved from the editor to your device. Keep in mind that this editor doesn’t keep any backups of your stabilised or original videos. Once you close the editor, your data will be formatted from there. So, never worry about the privacy or security of your videos, and use this editor with confidence! 


Let’s pick up your shaky and dull videos and transform them into professionally perfect, aesthetically appealing and quality-oriented stabilised videos. Use this incredible editor to give a professional touch to your shaky videos and surprise yourself with the results.