Fuzetea Zero celebrates surprising fusions that are unexpectedly delicious with Zero Calories

The brand supports the Coca-Cola’s Company strategy to give people more of the drinks they want – including low- and no-sugar options across a wide array of categories.

Created through a fusion of tea, fruit and other natural ingredients, FUZETEA delivers a fresh, contemporary expression of tea. This new range comes in a multi-layered balanced infusion of teas, herbs and juices giving a unique blend of great tasting teas which will revive the senses.

The Zero range comes in Black tea blended with white peach whilst Green Tea is mixed with passionfruit for a unique sweet tangy low calorie option.  Fuzetea is sweetened only from natural sources making it a low calorie alternative without the guilt feeling.

" Fuzetea is an exciting brand that we are delighted to bring to the Maltese market.  We see a big opportunity to breathe some new life into the category and offer consumers a genuinely new proposition with new flavours, fusions and zero calories that will change the way they think about iced tea,” said Maria Micallef, COO at GSD Marketing Ltd.

“We’re positioning tea in a way consumers have never seen before by delivering a brand experience defined by innovation. This also proves our vision to becoming a total beverage company and offering consumers more sophisticated flavours with less sugar and more benefits. Moreover the Zero range shows the real commitment to achieve the UNESDA sugar reduction pledge by 10 % by 2020, well ahead of its time. ”

With Fuzetea’s blend of natural ingredients – tea, juice and a touch of herbs –  create delicious and stimulating flavour combinations that offer refreshment and provide moments of relaxation,  appealing to both the body and the mind.

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