MEPA extends consultation on proposed design policy

Two-week extension on DC2014 document on design policy, guidance and standards

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) is extending by a further two weeks the consultation period for the proposed design policy, guidance and standards document (DC2014).

The DC2014 document is the result of a yearlong collaborative process led by MEPA and principle author Dr Antoine Zammit involving academia, architects, decision-makers and experts in the fields of sanitary law, transport and conservation.

“DC2014 is not a merely a revision of the 2007 Development Control: Policy and Design Guidance but has taken on a completely new approach to the formulation of design policies, one based on context,” MEPA said.

The policy document provides clear guidelines for architects, developers and others on development interventions within Urban Conservation Areas (UCAs).

“DC2014 has enough safeguards and parameters to guarantee that the evolutionary changes occurring within UCAs are respectful of, and enrich, their historical context.

“The proposed DC 14 also strongly encourages the integration of an energy-conscious design that reduces the need to heat and cool a building. This can be achieved by ensuring a tight building fabric designed to the highest standards, accompanied by integrally-designed energy conservation and energy generation interventions that allow for the production of green clean energy renewable contributing to the EU’s 2020 ‘nearly-zero energy building’ target,” MEPA said.

The draft policy can be viewed on the Authority's website Individuals and organizations are being invited to send their submissions pertaining to this draft policy in writing to MEPA, DC2014, P.O. Box 200, Marsa MRS 1000; or through email address: [email protected].

Submissions should reach the Authority by Friday 30th January 2015.