Paolo Giordanella takes off with aviation monument

Artist’s striking monument is chosen to represent 100 Years of Aviation in Malta

‘Paper Plane’ has been unveiled as the public sculpture chosen from among a number of proposals to commemorate 100 Years of Aviation in Malta. The Luqa-based sculpture, which was created by Paolo Giordanella and executed by Lampuki Arts, was commissioned by the Ministry for Tourism together with the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure.

‘Paper Plane’ is an impressive dramatic monument with dynamic clean lines that represent an equally simplistic concept. There is no hidden abstract message; it is uncluttered and uncomplicated whilst aesthetically pleasing.

Giordanella’s concept stems from the dream of mankind’s desire to fly. The simple ‘Paper Plane’ reminds us that with dreams, imagination, experimentation and determination, whether it takes 100 years or more, anything is possible.

This inherent desire to strive also prevails in Giordanella’s character. The installation of this latest piece marks a 15-month period since Giordanella quit his ‘9-to-5’ job lecturing in Fine Arts to pursue his career as a fulltime artist.

On this profession, Giordanella states: “For me personally, it’s not about job security and my pension, but about my innate desire to create and express myself. It is not always easy, though, as one has to embrace the unknown and stay focused.

"With regards to public art I believe this should never be a selfish indulgence, it needs to fulfil a brief and necessitate a professional team with a common ethos that: public art is for and to be regarded by the public. This is the bottom line. That said, my personal work is quite the contrary and can be less agreeable,” the artist adds.