[WATCH] Markapaġna | Kurt Borg

Rachel Baldacchino dialogues with Kurt Borg, lecturer in philosophy

Rachel Baldacchino dialogues with Kurt Borg on Jean Paul Borg’s short-story collection Mhux Nies, they discuss the various and distinct characters of this collection, the continous battle between what makes us human or otherwise, and the relevance of this collection, six years after its publication.

Kurt Borg is a lecturer at the University of Malta. He obtained a doctorate in Philosophy and Humanistic Studies at the University of Staffordshire, with a research on ethics and the politics of narration of trauma in institutional contexts. Among other areas, he specialises in post-structuralist theory, particularly in Michel Foucalt’s and Judith Butler’s work, and uses their work to study phenomenons such as identity, social power and resistance. He published various chapters and articles in academics books and journals. He is fond of the essay genre, and currently is working on an anthology of essays on various themes, such as memory, vulnerability and gender.

Books discussed in this episode: 

Jean Paul Borg, ‘Mhux Nies(Klabb Kotba Maltin, 2016)

Music Michael Azzopardi, ‘Skrejjen’ https://michaelazzopardi.xyz/ 

Markapaġna is produced by the National Book Council and aired in collaboration with MaltaToday.

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