My essentials: Maxine Aquilina’s cultural picks

No 8 | Maxine Aquilina, 32, Certified Play Practitioner

Maxine Aquilina
Maxine Aquilina

1. Books

One of my all-time favourite books has to be ‘If I Could Tell You Just One Thing’ by Richard Reed. This is a book about encounters that the author had with some remarkable people and their most valuable advice. From former Presidents to scientists to actors the book is filled with brilliant life advice. I was instantly drawn to the book at an airport (there is something about airports that make me want to buy a new book) and I could read it over and over again. Besides the great advice, the book also delves into the lives and stories of so many people, I find it fascinating.

2. TV/Film

I recently watched ‘Luzzu’, the Maltese film written and directed by Alex Camilleri. There was one scene in particular which brought tears to my eyes which I won’t mention as not to ruin the story for anyone who hasn’t yet watched it! It is a truly captivating and bitter-sweet film that I couldn’t recommend highly enough.

3. Internet 

On Instagram I follow an English doctor, Dr Rangan Chatterjee. His Instagram posts are both educational and inspirational. Dr Chatterjee also has a brilliant podcast whereby he invites and interviews different guests who mainly specialise in wellness and health. I have a love-hate relationship with social media and find that I can waste too much precious time scrolling through content that has no positive impact on my life. So by following pages like Dr Chatterjee’s, I find that I am being fuelled with knowledge and positivity and I can enjoy my time spent online, while learning!

4. Music

I spent way to long trying to answer this question! Music is literally everything to me and I listen to all genres, it just depends on my mood. However, if I had to choose one song, it would be ‘Tiny Dancer’ by Elton John. I first heard this song when I was around 14 and it has been my favourite since. I feel like if I had to pick a song as a soundtrack to my life, it would be this song. I have no idea how to articulate why or the feeling I get when I listen to it.

5. Place

Seeing the Northern Lights is at the top of my bucket list. This was a dream of my mothers and sadly she passed away without ever getting to fulfil her dream. This opened my eyes to just how fragile our lives and dreams are, and how important it is to really make the most of the time we have on this earth. I want to visit them in her honour.