Free entrance to five of Heritage Malta’s museums

Five of Heritage Malta’s museums will be open for free to the general public on Monday 15 August, a public holiday.

The museums and sites included in this open day are the National War Museum in Valletta and the four Citadella Museum in Gozo; Folklore Museums, Museum of Archaeology, Museum of Natural Science and The Old Prison.

During this event, members of the general public will also have the opportunity to join and become a member of Heritage Malta. Membership will be available at a reduced price from any of the above mentioned sites. Membership benefits include the possibility of visiting Heritage Malta sites (Hypogeum entrance is available at half the original price for members) for free and discounted prices for special events organized by Heritage Malta.  

Doors will be open from 9.00hrs till 17.00hrs, last admission at 16.30hrs. For further information, please visit this site:

While it's a good idea to once in a while allow free visits to Museums, it was a poor choice to have this day on 15th August when most of Malta is celebrating. Why not on a Saturday when most people might be available to visit the Museums? Most Gozo Museums will be open while next door there's the feast of the Assumption at the Cathedral. A very poor decision indeed.