My essentials: Marelaine Formosa’s cultural picks

91 | Marelaine Formosa, 20, full-time law student, artist, activist

1. Book

One book I read this last year was American Royals by Katherine McGee. Not at all a serious intellectual book, but that is precisely why I started reading it in the first place. It is about America if it were to be a monarchy, with all its drama and romance; you can expect the cheesiness. I wanted to read it because the world can get so serious and stressful, so I needed a break from it all for the sake of my mental health. Thankfully, it even got me out of my reading slump.

2. Film

A film I watched that stuck out was Oppenheimer - the talk of the movie industry in August, but truly a must watch. Even though it may be seen as a controversial choice, the movie’s cinematography was impeccable, and films depicting history are always interesting. It was challenging to understand the plot chronologically, and all the physics talk, but it still grabbed my attention like no other film did, and that, is Noble prize worthy when you realise my attention span does not last a long while when watching films.

3. Internet/TV

My all-time frequented social media platform is Pinterest, be it for inspiration, for nail or outfit ideas, for crochet patterns, or for recipes. It is an endless platform which brings me joy. It is one of those platforms I use when I want to avoid the negativity Facebook or Instagram might bring. While I might regret entering the application due to ending up scrolling for hours, the end-result is always a positive one.

4. Music

Any choices related to music depend on my mood. Usually, I listen to music most while I drive, either through the radio, or through my personal playlists. My taste ranges from pop, to musicals, to Eurovision hits, to calm indie tunes. I like being the stereotypical singing in my car at the top of my lungs kind of girl, especially with company to put a smile on their face. Thankfully, being a singer, I hope I don’t sound like an excited seal, but more like Olivia Rodrigo or Sara Bareilles.

5. Place

My all-time favourite place in Malta is Mdina, the Silent City. It is truly beautiful, and no matter how much I travel, I can never find a place with its charm. I love going there, taking a stroll around its narrow streets, and imagine what this small town went through in its past and present. What it saw; the fear, the happiness, the years gone by - it is a place I will always be in awe of and happy to go to, especially when I drop by for a piece of cake at Fontanella.