My essentials: Gianluca Mifsud’s cultural picks

100 | Gianluca Mifsud, 24, performer, dance and drama teacher and creative practitioner

1. Book

In my line of work the books I usually read are play scripts, and lately, Laura Osnes’ Chaos captured my attention. It’s got an open structure and filled with diverse texts that offer a creative playground, allowing you to interpret it from various perspectives. The lack of format allows you artistic freedom to make the piece your own, making each read a new exploration. The potential of it excites me, knowing I can approach it from different angles, leading to a continual source of inspiration for potential upcoming projects.

2. Film

I finally got around to watching Pixar’s latest movie Elemental. I always love me a good Pixar movie and the fun part is they usually come out on my birthday in June. But this one took me a bit longer to get round to. It’s a movie all about adapting and self-discovery, with the protagonists fighting against tradition and pre-set expectations to become the best versions of themselves. Might be a bit cheesy but Pixar’s films always hold a special place in my heart, and this one’s no exception.

3. TV/Internet

Apart from theatre I’d like to think I’m quite a tech geek, I’m always on this website called The Verge, which covers all the latest in the tech world, and it helps me stay up to date anything up and coming. When it comes to TV, it’s usually the latest Marvel series if I’m honest. I just finished the latest season of Loki and now I’m looking forward to the next season of What If? which comes out this December.

4. Music

AJR’s new album, The Maybe Man, has been constantly on repeat for me lately. Its raw exploration of everyday life and universal themes really resonates with me and the personal touch from the artists’ lives in every song adds a unique layer. Each track captures the essence of growing up and figuring who you are in this crazy world. Trying to figure out if the album is a therapy session or a reason to book a therapy session! I’m also keeping an eye out for the next time they tour Europe so that I can finally catch them live.

5. Place

The go-to quick holiday break in my head is always Rome. Last I was there was in 2020 right before the pandemic, and I’ve been trying to find time for another visit ever since. It’s all about the food for me. From pizza, to a great carbonara, morning panini’s and of course a good coffee every few hours. I’m always looking for a gap in my busy schedule to plan a getaway, maybe sometime next summer if nothing else comes up!