My essentials: G. Luigi Rossi’s cultural picks

108 | G. Luigi Rossi, 59, Artist

1. Book

I really enjoy Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy because it shows how people connect, even when they’re millions of miles apart on different planets. The stories explore the human side of exploring new worlds and discovering things. I like how Asimov tells these tales, making them relatable and showing that, no matter where we are, people share common experiences and connections. It’s a fascinating journey into human nature on a huge, interstellar scale.

2. Film

I’m captivated by the Dune movie for its incredible portrayal of the battle between good and evil across two distinct planets. The actors brilliantly convey the struggle for their beliefs, creating a gripping narrative. The triumph of good prevailing over evil in the end adds a satisfying and resonant touch to the story. Dune’s cinematic brilliance lies in its ability to showcase an epic struggle while highlighting the timeless theme of morality and triumph of righteousness. I will absolutely recommend it.

3. Internet/TV

I enjoy watching series like Star Trek, Shado, and Star Wars, and they bring back childhood memories. Even though the emotions remain, the meanings have evolved over time. I had the chance to visit the Universal Studios set of Space Odyssey, and it was a dream come true. Seeing the behind-the-scenes complexity of creating a science fiction movie was fascinating. Every little detail, no matter how simple, required a lot of effort from a dedicated team.

4. Music

I find immense joy in Klaus Schulze’s music. His electronic compositions create a unique sonic journey that resonates with me. Whether it’s the ambient tones or the rhythmic pulses, each piece is a captivating exploration of sound. Listening to Schulze’s work is like embarking on a musical adventure where emotions and imagination intertwine. The intricate layers and evolving melodies showcase his mastery in the electronic music realm. To me, Schulze is the real inventor of high-end electronic music.

5. Place

The Grand Canyon is hands down the most amazing place I’ve ever been. Seriously, nothing else even comes close. The sheer size and beauty are mind-blowing. It’s like nature showing off at its best! Standing there, I couldn’t believe my eyes—it’s that breathtaking. The colours, the vastness, everything about it is just wow. I’ve never seen anything like the Grand Canyon. It’s like stepping into a whole other world, and I feel lucky to have experienced its awe-inspiring wonder. I am one of those who can say, I hiked the Canyon!