Science at General Soft Drinks

The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd (GSD), responsible for bottling and distributing a wide range of soft drinks across Malta and Gozo, was part of the hugely successful and well-attended Science in The City last Friday (September 26).

GSD set up an innovative exhibition stand, where the Open Happiness Truck was converted into a laboratory. Thousands of visitors could learn the whole process of making the world’s best known beverage – Coca-Cola, from the manufacturing of the plastic bottle to filling, capping, labelling and packing and the science behind these processes. Members of the public were also invited to perform some hands-on experiments.

Anyone wishing to view the whole process can book a visit to GSD’s Visitors Gallery “The World of Coca-Cola Malta” by logging on

GSD is part of the Mizzi Organisation, a group of companies spanning a broad portfolio of business interests and industry sectors, including retail, automotive, tourism and leisure, education, manufacturing, real estate and mechanical and engineering contracting.

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